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The Ultimate Pet Survival Kit



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People are now more emergency-prepared than ever, but what about pets? Check out this guide for the functional pet survival kit that every pet owner needs.

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Everything You Need in a Pet Survival Kit

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1. Canned Foods and Medicine

Russian blue cat eating canned cat food Pet survival kit SS

A pet survival kit is vital to animals like a go-bag is to backpackers. It is advisable to carry at least three days worth of canned and tinned food, even if you do not anticipate needing that much.

Tip: Also, consider packing enough medicine if your pet is on medication or has some allergies.

2. Large Bottle of Water

Golden retriever drinking water on summer Pet survival kit SS

Equally important as food is carrying enough water. To be on the safer side, consider bringing more water than you think you will need.

Remember, like human beings, pets can survive for some time without food but not without water. It is, therefore, safer to have it and not need it than the other way round.

3. Pop-up Bowl

Beagle dog drinking clear water from steel bowl Pet survival kit SS

If you need a pet survival kit, you are probably away from home and on the road. Therefore, investing in a pop-up or collapsible bowl will make feeding and drinking more manageable when on the move.

It is also a genius way to give your pet some sense of normalcy even when away from home.

Note: Be keen to purchase a bowl specifically designed for pets to prevent your pets from consuming harmful material.

4. Spare Collar and Leash

Morning in the city Pet survival kit SS

While you might already have a perfectly durable collar and leash, it is better to be safe than sorry. What’s more, a collar and leash that is robust under normal circumstances may not be as durable in an emergency.

Besides being more prone to breaking, the last thing you need is your pet not on a leash in an emergency. Therefore, having an extra set of a leash and collar is vital as it will ensure you keep your pet close and safe.

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  • To get a suitable collar for your dog, consider measuring your pet’s neck at least twice
  • The two-finger rule will also ensure you get a suitable collar for your pet
  • LED dog collars are ideal if you will be walking your dog in the early morning or evening hours when it is dark

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5. Medical Records

Blank veterinarian prescription Pet survival kit SS

You might not find it necessary to carry your pet’s medical records, especially if your cat or dog is healthy. However, you never know what might happen when you are away from home during a disaster.

Having your pet’s medical history at hand is your best chance for a quick diagnosis should anything happen.

Along with the medical records, do not forget to bring prescription medication your pet is currently taking.

6. Favorite Blanket

Cute sleepy Jack Russel terrier puppy Pet survival kit SS

As human beings, our pets are also at the risk of suffering stress, especially during emergencies. Therefore, packing some everyday items to make your pet comfortable and calm is paramount. For instance, packing a favorite blanket will go a long way in making your pet feel comfortable and calm, especially when you are away from home.

Tip: If your pet has several favorites, the better because it means you have a spare blanket should one get wet.

7. Favorite Toy

Jack Russell Terrier dog running Pet survival kit SS

In addition to a favorite blanket, consider packing your pet’s favorite toy. It will keep your pet busy and entertained and give it a sense of normalcy, which is essential during an emergency.

Note: A combination of toys and a blanket will give your pet a smell of home, which will make them comfortable.

8. List of Local Vets and Shelters

Address book pen with copy space in all sections Pet survival kit SS

Due to the high chances of power outages during an emergency, accessing the internet might not be possible. Having a hard copy of all the contact details and addresses for shelters and vets in your surroundings is vital in such a case.

You may not know precisely the escape route you may need to take but having contact details of shelters and vets in the more expansive surrounding areas of your neighborhood provides the perfect backup plan.

Tip: Along with this hard copy list, consider printing your pet’s medical records.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

the ultimate pet survival kit

Watch this video by The Doctors on pet “grab-&-go” disaster kit:

There you have pet owners. Remember, pets experience stress the same way as human beings. Therefore making a conscious effort to have a pet survival kit for your dog or cat will come in handy in keeping them comfortable, calm, and even safe.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic guide and that you can throw in whatever else you feel your pet will need as long as you can move around with them.

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