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Why Preppers Need A Personal Alarm



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The outdoors can be as dangerous as they are fun. Adding a personal alarm to your survival kit increases your chances of finding help and staying safe while enjoying the outdoors.

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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Alarms | FAQs

What Is a Personal Alarm?

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A personal safety alarm is a small and portable device that emits a raucous sound when triggered, usually by removing a pin or pushing a button. This is unlike a Life Alert that warns several monitors that alert local authorities to come to your aid when activated by pressing a button.

What Should a Personal Alarm Be Used For?

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Personal alarms are generally used to draw attention to your situation or scare away anything threatening your safety. The earsplitting sound will certainly startle any unsuspecting perpetrator while simultaneously attracting attention to yourself and the situation.

Why Should Preppers Have a Personal Alarm?

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For preppers, a personal alarm is a great way to draw attention to yourself when you need help when you are outdoors. Think of it like a survival whistle that is used for signaling for help.

Alternatively, you can use the safety alarm to scare away wild animals that pose a threat to you when in the outdoors.

Are Personal Alarms Effective?

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Personal defense alarms can provide an additional layer of safety in attracting help when you need it or warding off harm. They are essentially a type of body security system and are exceptionally highly effective at calling for help and keeping you safe.

Note: Personal alarms are effective in equal capacity for preppers and everybody else.

Are Personal Alarms Waterproof?

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The safety pendants are water-resistant but not fully waterproof. They, therefore, shouldn't be fully submerged for longer than two seconds at a time.

Personal safety alarms are water-resistant, which is why it is advisable to wear them at all times. Besides outdoor enthusiasts exposed to the elements, it is advisable to wear the safety alarm even in bathrooms where accidents are unfortunately common.

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How Loud Is a Personal Alarm?

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Like with other things, the volume of a personal safety alarm is measured in decibels (dB) which is the unit of measurement for sound. Its volume is usually between 100 and 150 dB, which aligns with its function. It should be loud enough to scare potential attackers and catch people's attention in a reasonably wide radius.

How Do You Use a Personal Alarm?

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While personal alarm brands are different, most will require you to press the button at the front of the alarm. Doing this will trigger the earsplitting sound meant to deter an intruder or attacker or intruder while drawing attention to you if you need help or medical attention.

How Do I Turn Off a Personal Alarm Keychain?

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To deactivate the alarm after your mission is accomplished, press the button at the back of the alarm. Keep in mind that it will also largely depend on the personal alarm brand you are using.

Note: Whichever brand you have, personal alarms are generally easy to operate, so you can use them even when in pain.

What Are the Available Kinds of Personal Alarms?

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Personal alarms come in all sizes and shapes to fit the needs of each individual. For instance, outdoorswomen will appreciate discreet and compact options, like a lipstick-like personal alarm.

It resembles a regular lipstick tube but will blare at 130 decibels when you pull off the cap and trigger it. At 130Db, the safety alarm can be heard over 300 feet away. That is enough to scare away anything bothering you in the outdoors.

There are also keychain alarms, aerosol alarms, among others in the market. You only need to figure out what will work best for you and get it.

How Much Does a Safe Personal Alarm Cost?

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Just like their shapes and sizes, personal alarms also come at different prices. This way, you get to choose what is most suitable for you and within your price range. Check out the video below for the top 5 best emergency personal alarms.

There you have it, preppers. You can never be too cautious in the outdoors. Survival requires you to use every tool possible to increase your chances, and clearly, personal alarms are such indispensable tools to add to your survival kit.

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