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One Thing You Need To Know About Survival



What are you preparing for? Is it focused on a world-ending event, the failure of the US economy, an EMP, or something else big and harry?

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Important Thing About Survival

Why are you preparing? Is it merely for your own sake or the health and safety of family and friends?

Think about it for a moment and let it churn in the back of your mind.

You see, I was sitting around thinking about this episode and all the episodes that have come before. I wondered if the show had done enough, said enough, and made an impact. Then I thought about my personal time in preparedness.

So, what’s the one big lesson or takeaway from all of this that I can share? If I could go back in time and share one thing with myself, what would it be?

We’ve discussed it in a variety of ways this season. But I wanted to really drive it home and put it by itself in a single episode.

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