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How To Make A DIY Death Ray [Video]



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Before bad guys attack, you can boil water or eggs first with this DIY death ray. Learn how to make a solar death ray here!

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In this article:

  1. What Is a Death Ray and Can You Produce One?
  2. Make a DIY Death Ray with an Old TV
  3. How to Create the Device to Get 2000ºF Solar Power
  4. What You Can Do with Your Solar Device

How to Make a DIY Death Ray Using Solar Energy

What Is a Death Ray and Can You Produce One?

When you think of death rays, do sci-fi movies come to your mind right away? A concentrated light or heat energy coming from a weaponized device hits a target and the target goes ka-boom!

Although fictitious, this theory was the basis for some modern weapons created like the Laser Weapon System by the United States Navy.

We've featured different homemade weapons and improvised survival gear in this blog. And so we think the solar DIY death ray is another interesting addition.

With all the solar energy the sun directs towards the earth, indeed it's a shame to not harness a few of it.

While a death ray for mass destruction is only a theory, we can create the same concept of harnessing solar energy with a magnifying glass on a large scale. Thus, we will need a lens or a similar device, only larger to make a backyard DIY death ray.

Make a DIY Death Ray with an Old TV


Now, where do we find this kind of lens to make a solar death ray? Amazingly, old rear-projection televisions hold the perfect device or at least part of the DIY death ray we are going to build.

I bet your garage or basement has an old TV set in store. But, we are looking for rear projection TVs because it is where you can find large lenses even as big as you.

If you have one in storage now, good for you. If not, you can look for local ads for these items and you can get them for free or a minimal amount.

I'm sure a random guy will be glad to have you get these things off their hands or storages.

These TV sets are very outdated and they cost a lot to repair. So, you'll have plenty of these devices to choose from in your local ad.

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How to Create the Device to Get 2000ºF Solar Power

If you managed to get the big rear-projection television, what you need to do first is to disassemble the whole thing. And, if you're a DIY junkie, what you have is a treasure trove of parts and materials for your next survival gear to DIY, so be careful.

First, remove the screen from the television to make a solar death ray TV screen. Salvage whatever part of the TV you'd like to, but the screen is all you really need for this project.

Separate the layers of the screen. There's a plexiglass layer, a plastic layer, and a lens layer.

The lens layer is what you're looking for to build the DIY death ray.

You can try and test the lens like you would a magnifying glass and you'll be amazed at the results. Make sure to take extra care and exercise safety measures because it will really burn something fast.

Considering the lens is huge and flimsy, you will have a hard time holding it so what you need to do is build a device to which you'll attach the lens. You will see it in the video and you will be directed to another DIY guide to building the DIY death ray or solar scorcher frame which is easy, too.

What You Can Do with Your Solar Device


You can use the framed lens to magnify the sun and create usable heat! Cooking, purifying water, and burning just about anything are just the beginnings of what you'll be able to do with your lens!

You can probably use this DIY death ray for both defense and offense but I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Click play to watch the full DIY solar death ray youtube video from The King of Random to make your own:

You cannot destroy a pack of raging zombies or a group of evil soldiers with this DIY death ray. But, you can kill a good amount of bacteria by boiling your drinking water with it.

Remember, even if no bad guys go ka-boom with this DIY death ray, it can still pose some serious hazards. So, make sure to exercise safety precautions and procedures.

Do you have a few improvisations to your own solar DIY death ray? Let us know all about your ideas in the comments section below!  

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How To Make A DIY Death Ray [Video] |

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