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Start a Fire Anywhere with LifeLaces from Stone Mountain



If you need to start a fire on the go in a survival situation, the new LifeLaces from Stone Mountain will help you get the job done.

Light a Fire with Lifelaces from Stone Mountain

If you’re like me, you know the best part of camping is building a fire. The quest for wood and tinder, building it up, and turning a small flame into a roaring fire. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than getting a fire going, particularly if the weather is bad. But sometimes it can be almost impossible – your matches are wet, you’ve misplaced your lighter, or maybe you're lost in the wilderness without any gear at all.

In times like these, it’s always good to have a backup plan. LifeLaces Survival Laces from Stone Mountain are the perfect way to always be prepared in nature.

Lifelaces from Stone Mountain

I recently got a pair of LifeLaces to try out, and was very impressed. These paracord laces come tipped with Ferro rods and a striker plate, allowing you to start a fire anywhere.

Lifelaces Lace Tips

The tips of each lace are 1-inch Ferro rods, perfect for igniting tinder in even the most extreme conditions. I tested them out in the rain and they worked just fine. With a little practice it’s easy to create a ton of sparks with each strike. These are not one-time use either; each of the four Ferro rods can be used repeatedly and still function as your boot laces.

Lifelaces Paracord

The laces are made of paracord, with seven strands of nylon inside each lace. Not only are the laces super strong and durable, they can also be used in a variety of survival situations: setting traps to catch a meal, building a shelter that won’t blow away in a storm, securing a bandage to a wound, or just tying your gear together for easier travel. In a pinch, you can even remove all the nylon strands to give you up to 28 feet of additional line from each lace.

Lifelaces Striker Plate

These laces come with a striker plate, perfect for creating the maximum amount of sparks from each strike. One side of the striker is razor sharp, and you can use this to scrape away the black coating and expose the silver rod underneath. You can use either side to make sparks, but I found that flipping it around to the blunt side worked the best. With each strike I was able to create a shower of sparks and I started a fire in no time.

Lifelaces Kindling

If you know you’re going to need to start a fire, I recommend bringing your own kindling. My personal favorite is dryer lint stuffed into a plastic bag to keep it dry. It's super easy to ignite and produces a substantial amount of heat to get your fire going.

Lifelaces Fire

The best part about LifeLaces is, once you replace your old boot laces with them, you never have worry about starting a fire again.

Lifelaces Accessories

The only downside I found was that unlike some survival laces on the market, LifeLaces do not contain additional accessories in the paracord. However, the Ferro rods are secure and seem like they’re made to last. There’s also no annoying caps to fall off while you’re hiking.

Overall I really like LifeLaces from Stone Mountain and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys starting a good fire.

Lifelaces Firestarter

But don’t just take my word for it… Check them out for yourself.

Click here now to get your own pair of LifeLaces absolutely free! (Just take care of shipping and they’re yours!)

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