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Ladies: Are You Eating Enough Protein?



We all know that protein is an important part of our diet, and in a survival situation, it will be even more so.

It turns out protein is especially important for women, who need even more of it to keep their bodies healthy and strong.

Not only will eating the right amount of protein keep you healthy — it also has a lot of anti-aging and beauty benefits too.

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Why Women Should Eat Plenty of Protein

5. It’s Good for Bone Health

Women are at an especially high risk of bone degeneration. So while protein often gets a bad rep as being bad-for-the-bones, it turns out this macronutrient is actually vital to proper calcium absorption and bone growth5. For the lactose-tolerant, that means dairy gives a great one-two punch of calcium and a full protein, all in one food. Many tasty protein supplements are also high in calcium and great on the go!

6. Protein Fights Off Aging

As we age, our bodies tend to lose muscle mass. Eating more protein — along with regular exercise, including resistance training — can help our bodies maintain and build muscles to keep us going strong well into the golden years6. Make sure to grab a protein shake or other high-protein snack post-workout to promote muscle repair!

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