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Survival Life Hack – Measuring Draw Weight Without An Expensive Scale



Draw Weight Scale

The expanding world of archery and bow hunting, has make a revolutionary movement of people crafting their own bow weapons. An no matter what material you choose, be a wooden bow traditionalist, or a lover of pvc fabricated bows. We all need to know, what draw weight is this bow?

Measuring Draw Weight Without An Expensive Scale

I see so many people on youtube, or blogs, showing off amazing bows they took weeks to make, to only “guess” the draw weight. Well, a guess isn’t quite good enough for those looking for accuracy in their bows. With something that effects the capabilities of you bow so highly, you truly need and accurate measurement of your bow weight.


Draw Weight Scale vs Flight Luggage Scale

Knowing your draw weight effects a lot of factors in archery, from the arrows spine materials you can safely use, to know if your bow has enough power to take down that bear, or just piss it off enough to come eat YOU as dinner instead.

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There are fancy draw weight scales that can be purchased at archery stores. However, they are really just very overpriced digital flight luggage scales being sold for over $200, instead of a $10 luggage scale. The only upside the $200 scale does tell you is your let off percentage, but thats not really needed info if your not using a compound bow.

I just hook the S hook of the cheap hand held airport scale shown below to the bow string under an arrow I have knocked, and draw the arrow to your normal draw length back while watching the scale read out.

Also, check out these two more traditional ways to easily check your bows draw weight from my buddy over at Boarrior Bows youtube channel , a great source for traditional long bow building. Don’t worry we have video courses in the works for those sexy survival take down bows to pack into B.O.G.’s.


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1 Comment

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