Create A Shelter Out of A Juniper Tree for Survival



A Juniper tree is of diverse forms and can also be classified as a shrub. Commonly known as cedar, it has cone-shaped leaves and is native to the northern parts of the world, perfect for a survival shelter when you're outdoors.

A Guide To Making A Survival Shelter Using Juniper Tree

Fallen Juniper trees can be taken advantage of if you’re in search of a dependable shelter for survival. It is known as one of the trees easily transformed into natural shelters, thus, a lot of people have already built shelters out of it. You’ll be needing less materials to build up a shelter once you've found a fallen Juniper tree. It will keep you dry during rainy days and safe from too much heat. For temporary homes, it is one of the best options to choose.


Scan for Fallen Juniper Trees

You’ll need a Juniper tree that is still compact to serve as your framework. Check to see if there are any living organisms that are hazardous. Their presence may cause irritation, injury or even yield to serious diseases. Look for round, fruit-like objects attached to a tree and a sticky brown sap to ensure it's a Juniper tree.


Take Advantage of the Leaves

Take Advantage of the Leaves | Create A Shelter Out of A Juniper Tree for Survival


The leaves of the tree can be utilized as your shield. It will help you avoid exposure from the extreme heat of the sun or the pouring rain. The thick, coniferous leaves will act as a meshwork altogether to prevent entry of rain drops to keep you warm and dry inside.


Add Leaves or Branches to the Meshwork

If the leaves of the tree are insufficient, you can find alternative leaves to fully cover the shelter. You can even use thin branches to keep the meshwork still. It is important to secure the structure and notice even the tiniest details to fully support your shelter.



Cover the ground with various leaves as your bedding. The cold floor won’t be able to support you with  the amount of warmth your body requires. It is better to have something on top to provide you with heat at low temperatures or when the sun goes down.


Secure A Source of Heat

A Source of Heat | Create A Shelter Out of A Juniper Tree for Survival


Insulation inside the shelter is important, but nothing beats the heat of a bonfire especially at night. Make sure to collect enough twigs and branches to keep the fire burning. Store them in case you need them again, and make sure the bonfire doesn’t reach your shelter or else it might burn your shelter down.


See how a juniper tree was turned into a shelter in this video:

When you find yourself in the middle of the woods without any survival kit or materials with you for shelter, you can always use natural resources such as a fallen Juniper tree. This versatile tree would be your best choice for your survival shelter. Protect yourself from the extreme heat or cold using a Juniper tree and you'll survive the outdoors.

Have you tried using a Juniper tree for your shelter? How was the experience? Share your outdoor adventures in the comments section below!

If you haven't brought some tools with you, learn how to build a shelter without using tools in this article.

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