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How To Keep Warm Without Power | 9 Ways to Stay Warm When The Power Goes Out



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Knowing how to keep warm without power is an essential tool in the arsenal of any clever survivalist.

Here are 9 tips on how you can survive the cold during a power outage.

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How to Keep Warm Without Power | What You Need to Know

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1. Use Propane Heaters and Butane Stoves

Ventfree propane heater action | How to keep warm without power

Long-time survivalists most likely already have propane heaters and butane stoves in their garage. These tools are handy for keeping yourselves warm during a power outage.

Propane heaters and butane stoves are especially useful because they not only keep you warm but also allow you to cook.

Just make sure that before you bring them out, you know exactly how to operate them safely as they can be dangerous when not used properly.

When using propane heaters, keep in mind that these come in two different kinds. Choose catalytic propane heaters which are designed specifically for indoor use.

Additionally, you will want to get an adapter kit that will allow you to connect your heater to a large tank.

If you have a gas grill, you probably already have a tank like this, so just get a few extra ones that will last you for a few days to a week.

On the other hand, butane stoves are often seen on camping trips, but these things can also be used as a backup heat source during a power outage.

Butane stoves are handy and cheap. They might not be able to last as long as propane heaters, but they are great for cooking other foods that will help warm your body.

2. Burn Some Candles

Closeup burning candles spreading aroma on | How to keep warm without power

If you're in a small area and you have candles, use them. Nowadays, there are candle lanterns that can generate enough heat to warm a small car or a tent.

Make sure to use lanterns over individual candles as they pose less risk compared to the latter.

Plus, modern candle lanterns have small cooktops that allow you to heat some canned food.

This should help make sure that you won't be eating cold food if the power goes out.

3. Stay in a Designated Heat Room

Happy family resting near fireplace home | How to keep warm without power

Body heat is an often-overlooked factor when people think of ways to keep warm during a power outage.

Before the winter season starts, designate a room where the entire family can gather should the power go out.

Make sure to choose a room that is small but still comfortable. This will help your combined body heat to warm the room faster and keep it at that temperature.

If you have a room with a fireplace, then it goes without saying that that is the ideal room to stay in.

Make sure to cover small cracks and crevices in doors and windows where cold air may pass through.

You should also try to keep that room's doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Keep all your essentials in that room so that you do not need to keep going out and letting the heat inside escape. A room with access to the bathroom is also an ideal one.

4. Avoid Frozen Water

Young woman hands turning on tap | How to keep warm without power

Knowing how to keep warm without power entails understanding the importance of your home's water supply.

Adequate water supply is important for keeping warm during the cold as you can use it to create thermal masses and hot drinks.

Unfortunately, water can be problematic during the winter. Because of the cold, water in your home's pipes can freeze.

Frozen pipes don't just lead to a lack of water supply, but also to lots of costly repairs later on.

Avoid having this problem by regularly checking the water supply in your house.

If the temperatures are really low, keep your faucets running at a slow drip. This helps ensure that water is moving and does not freeze fast.

Just make sure to put a container under them so as not to waste all that water.

5. Go Camping Inside

Asian woman playing staying tent her | How to keep warm without power

Make an adventure of the power outage and keep it fun for the entire family by going camping inside.

Set up a tent and grab your sleeping bags and you should be able to keep warm faster and better.

Again, the smaller the space, the faster it will be to heat it up. Going camping in your designated heat room further isolates the space and heats it up.

You also get the added benefit of having some fun, gadgets-free family bonding that is already quite rare nowadays.

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6. Create a Thermal Mass

Young woman holds thermos drinks tea | How to keep warm without power

As soon as the power goes out, fill up any insulated containers you may have with hot water. This is a common life hack for keeping warm when camping.

Those insulated containers will slowly radiate the heat generated by the hot water. They will be useful for helping keep small spaces warm on those cold winter nights.

Once filled, place them inside your tent or sleeping bag, or just wrap your hands around them.

You'll notice that they'll make a huge difference in keeping your hands and feet from freezing over.

7. Maximize Your Car or RV

Scenic rv camping spot spot during sunset | How to keep warm without power

If you have an RV, don't be afraid to use it to keep warm. Modern RVs are basically housing on wheels. They pretty much have all the things you need to get through a few nights without power.

A lot of people use an RV as a power plant for their house. It is a good way to keep essential appliances like refrigerators and space heaters running.

You can also use them to charge small electronics like phones, radios, and electric blankets.

Just make sure you don't run it in your garage. Running cars generate a ton of toxic carbon monoxide and can be dangerous when you're sleeping inside the vehicle.

8. Use a Generator

Gasoline portable generator on house construction | How to keep warm without power

If you don't have an RV, then a generator is an equally useful alternative.

Having one will also keep essential appliances running as long as you have enough fuel for it and a great way to learn how to keep warm without power.

Similar to the RV, just make sure you have enough fuel that will last for a few days.

Keep in mind that it also releases toxic fumes, so if you have to run it, do it outside your house's garage.

9. Make Contact with Your Neighbors

Female neighbor helping senior woman shopping | How to keep warm without power

In case your resources simply aren't enough to keep you warm, do not be afraid to reach out to your neighbors for help.

More often than not, they will be more than willing to extend a helping hand if you just know how to ask.

Of course, this goes both ways. If your neighbors ever need help and you have the chance to, don't be afraid to volunteer whatever help you can give.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:How To Keep Warm Without Power | 9 Ways to Stay Warm When The Power Goes Out

Now that you know how to keep warm without power, watch this video from AWE to learn how to survive a blizzard:

Knowing how to keep warm without power is an essential skill that every survivalist must-have.

In case of an emergency, such skills can spell the difference between life and death.

What items do you prioritize when preparing for power outages during the winter?

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Do you have other tips on how to keep warm without power? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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