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Hail Storm Survival Tips You Should Know About



Hail Storm Survival Tips

One of the few things to remember when caught in a hail storm is to be aware of impending weather conditions. The other one is to quickly determine the best place to seek shelter.

Hail Storm Survival: To Hail And Back

Hail is destructive even with the absence of a tornado. It is considered as one of the scariest things brought by Mother Nature. The biggest hailstone was recorded to be 18.6 inches in circumference, weighed 2 pounds, and 8 inches in diameter back in July of 2010. Imagine getting hit by one of these at more than 100 mph from at least 20,000 feet! So, it’s best to be safe than sorry, right? Here are a few tips that just might help you survive a hailstorm.

1. Be Prepared

Hail Storm Survival Tips

Be up-to-date on news about the weather by watching the news or reading it on the paper to know if there is a possible hail storm coming. Thunderstorms and tornadoes usually are associated with a hail storm. Our phones and watches usually have apps that can somehow predict the weather.

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2. Assemble A Survival Kit

It is better to have a survival kit in hand than nothing at all. You’ll never know when you might need it. Here’s how to make your own survival kit.

If You're Outdoors

1. Seek Shelter

Hail Storm Survival Tips

If you’re outside, seek shelter to the nearest building or house. While you're at it, make sure to find something to protect your head with if you don't want to be knocked out cold.

2. Avoid Lowland Areas And Culverts

Think twice before staying in lowland areas and culverts. These spots might suddenly get filled with water drowning you in the process.

3. Keep Away From Trees

A large and isolated tree is a lightning magnet. It can topple on you because of strong winds caused by thes storm. If it snags on electrical wires on its way down, you can be electrocuted in the process.

If You’re At Home Or In A Building

1. Stay Inside

Hail Storm Survival Tips

Stay inside your home until the hailstorm stops. Hailstones, especially the really large ones, can cause serious injuries that can be fatal to you and your family's condition.

2. Avoid Using Electrical Appliances

Getting electrocuted when lightning strikes is triggered by using electrical appliances and phones. Wait until the storm blows over before using any of these.

3. Move Away From Glass Windows

Steer clear of skylights. This is because the trajectory angle of hailstones might be changed due to strong winds. It might hit windows and cause injury to those near it.

If You’re In A Vehicle

1. Pull Over

Find cover as soon as you can, like in a service station or a garage. This is to prevent falling hailstones from break your windshield or windows. The impact of hail coupled with the speed of your automobile can increase significantly, putting yourself in greater danger.

2. Don’t Exit The Vehicle

Hail Storm Survival Tips

Stay inside. It’s not worth taking a hit on the head if you leave your car and head for cover. Let your vehicle give you the protection you seek. Well, partially.

3. Keep It At An Angle

If you’re unable to find cover and if it’s safe to do so, pull over with your car at an angle where the hail is directly hitting the windshield instead of the side and rear windows. The windshield is designed to endure a certain force of impact when hit.

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4. Cover Yourself

Collapse your seat and lay face down keeping your back to the windows. Cover yourself with a blanket or a jacket if you have one. Let the smaller kids cover their eyes and lie down on the floor beneath you.

Watch this awesome video by Pecos Hank about Hail Storms:

These are just some of the most basic survival tips you can apply during a hail storm. Overall, it might just keep you safe and walk out alive with probably just a few bruises and scratches.

Did I miss any hail storm survival tips? Please add them in the comments below if you have any.

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    Tinting your vehicle`s windows add a layer of protection since the tint is actually glue to the windows, this act similar to a bullet prof window that should prevent your windows from shattering. This would also provide protection to a building windows during a storm in the same manner, the windows may crack but would still remain a barrier instead of making thousand of shrapnel pieces.

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