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Tips for Growing Food in Small Spaces



Grow Food Small Spaces

Gardening has evolved for the 21st century.  Anyone can have their dream garden… even apartment dwellers! In this article, I will share tips on growing your own food in your small space.

Let’s start with the inside of your home…


A Windowsill Herb Garden

Grow Food Small Spaces

When you live in a smaller space, you want to utilize every inch of available space you can to grow your own food. The perfect place to start is inside your home with a windowsill herb garden. Herb gardens are a must, in my opinion, for every gardener. They are a great addition to all of your homemade recipes and they also possess countless medicinal properties as well.

Among the most popular herbs for every gardener are basil, cilantro, lemon balm, oregano, and parsley, all of which will do quite well in a windowsill.


Vertical Gardening

Grow Food Small Spaces

Vertical gardening is a great space saver. Here are a couple of examples.

Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Garden

This stylish vertical garden would be ideal for any small patio or balcony. You can plant herbs and smaller vegetables like peppers and cherry tomatoes.

You can find the full DIY tutorial here.

Pyramid Tower Garden

This pyramid tower garden would be perfect for your strawberry garden. This great DIY project would be fun for the entire family!

You can find the full DIY tutorial here.

Container Gardening

Grow Food Small Spaces

The container gardening trend is more popular than ever. Apartment dwellers all over the nation are creating beautiful gardens using containers. You can use clay pots, small water troughs, hanging baskets, and some even use 2-5 gallon buckets.

Hanging Modular Gardening

This hanging garden (shown below), also known as modular gardening, is another great option for container gardening.

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden you’ve always wanted. My sincere hope is that this article has given apartment dwellers a new sense of creativity to create the dream garden they’ve always wanted but didn’t think it was possible living with limited space. I say GO FOR IT!

If you live in an apartment and have a garden, and you would like to share your story or a garden tip, please share with us in the comment section below.

To Learn more about how you can create a garden in a smaller space, check out the articles below. Best of luck, fellow gardeners!

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