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How do you write a powerful environmental policy? You need to start by understanding the basics first. Here’s a practical guide in creating one from scratch:

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Environmental Policy Writing 101

ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION title on legal document | Environmental Policy

Why Is Environmental Policy Important?

It is important because it helps to keep the environment safer for everyone. It works by guiding the government’s plans and actions based on how they affect the environment.

What Is the Main Goal of An Environmental Policy?

An environmental policy aims to protect the natural system and thus human welfare. To achieve this, regulate the use of resources and reduce pollution.

What Is a Good Environmental Policy?

Contents may differ but a good environmental policy should meet the general criteria. Manageability and the use of accurate data are key factors in attaining this.

What Should an Environmental Policy Include?

Though there are no standard contents, the most common are:

  • Organizational aims and principles
  • Organizational objectives
  • Commitment to improving environmental performance
  • Recognition of compliance with relevant environmental laws
  • Commitment to relay environmental aims to staff, clients, investors, and stockholders.

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What are Basic Tips in Writing an Environmental Policy?

1. Create an Environmental Policy Checklist

Environmental protection and policy to protect the environment | Environmental Policy

Making a checklist is an efficient method to draft an environmental policy. Below are examples of points to consider in writing such a checklist:

  • Compliance with environmental laws and codes of practice
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of historic, recent, and future operations
  • Continuous aim to improve environmental performance
  • Focus on comprehensive environmental concerns and issues

2. Introduce Yourself and What You Do

smiling handsome scientist in white coat and glasses holding card with green recycling sign in orangery | Environmental Policy

Obvious as it may seem, it is surprising how many organizations overlook this simple step. Think of this as your elevator pitch in which you can grab the attention of procurement bodies.

3. Start with a Short Outline

Concept of ecology and environment Young business woman working in modern office with table covered of grass and plant | Environmental Policy

Begin your environmental policy with a brief organizational outline. Include its track record and current activities

4. Present Your Goal, Aim, and Commitment

Young environmentalist team is looking forward to discussing a conservation project | Environmental Policy

This helps in recognizing the organization’s impact in achieving its goals. This will also help fine-tune your plans and decision to attainable goals.

5. State Actions You Aim to Achieve with Your Goal

Child as an activist and environmentalist in a recycling project for plastic waste | Environmental Policy

Based on your goal, aim, and commitment, present actions you plan to make in a specific time frame. Ensure that these activities are realistic.

6. Highlight Your Achievements

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Include certifications and awards to give your policy more edge. Using facts and figures is also a compelling way to underscore your accomplishments.

7. State Your Compliance with Environmental Laws

Road sign to environmental policy | Environmental Policy

Familiarize yourself with environmental regulations that could make an impact on your organization. Be direct and clear in stating your adherence to these legislations.

8. Communicate the Environmental Policy to Your Staff and Clients

Casual team having meeting about eco policy in the bright office | Environmental Policy

Be explicit in stating how you will communicate the policy to your staff and clients. Include the policy in the staff’s handbook and display it on the organization’s website.

9. State the Definite Review Schedule

Young woman standing in botanical garden, holding windmill model-Environmental Policy

Outdated policies may put your organization at risk. The best practice is to have your policy reviewed every year.

Check out this Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction vid by Oxford Academic:

An effective environmental policy is crucial. It should strike the balance between environmental protection and policies like economic growth. This consideration will determine the success of your organization’s policy.

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