Survival Medicine Podcast: Radiation/Nuclear Events [PODCAST]



This episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast will talk about nuclear events.

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Survival Medicine Podcast: Radiation/Nuclear Events

nuclear-power-station-summer-tihange nuclear events

For the survival medic, increasing international tensions means that knowledge about nuclear events and the physical damage associated with them is a worthwhile topic to know about. Short of an asteroid hitting Earth or ultra-deadly pandemic disease, we mean more deadly than COVID, no disaster has the potential to destroy society as much as a nuclear war. Even “minor” radiation accidents, such as reactor meltdowns, may cause long-standing damage to whole areas. The medic must always have a plan of action for every type of disaster to increase the chances of survival of group members.

In this episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast, Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton NP discuss radiation events like dirty bombs, atomic and thermonuclear weapons, the likelihood of survival from the various types of damage that could occur, fallout shelters, and diagnosis and treatment of acute radiation sickness.

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe and Amy

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