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Food Storage

Emergency Food Secrets for Your Survival Kit



One of the most important questions to ask yourself when forming a survival plan is how you're going to feed yourself and your family when SHTF. Many people plan for a shelter-in-place scenario and stock their pantries full of emergency food rations. While this is of course a great idea, you also have to keep in mind that there may be a situation where you will need to bug out for survival. In such a situation, you will need to prepare by making sure you have plenty of food in your bug out bag or emergency survival kit.

Of course, when it comes to packing a survival kit, space is of the essence and you want your pack to be light enough to carry over long distances. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing which survival food to include in your emergency survival kit.

  • Convenience. How easy is the food to prepare and eat on the go?
  • Nutrition profile. Survival food needs to be high in calories and carbohydrates to keep you nourished and energetic. You should try to maintain a 2500 calorie a day diet when bugging out.
  • Size and weight. Remember that whatever you include in your survival kit will be carried on your back, often for long distances over several days. You want to make sure your survival food is light and compact to make it easier to carry.

The video below, from Modern Combat and Survival, will teach you more about emergency food for your survival kit.

Emergency Food For Your Survival Kit


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