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Easy Camping Meals to Make Camp Cooking an Unforgettable Experience



Easy Camping Meals to Make Camp Cooking an Unforgettable Experience |Preparing food on campfire in wild camping |Featured

Every outdoors enthusiast needs to have a list of easy camping meals you can make in the outdoors. Check out this exciting roundup of easy camping meals for the inspiration you need for your next trip.

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17 Easy Camping Meals Every Outdoor Lover Needs

Easy Camping Breakfast Meals

| Breakfast, bacon and fried egg on a titanium plate

1. Banana Pancakes

What better way to feel at home in the outdoors than with freshly made banana pancakes? To quickly whip this up, make the dry pancake mix at home. And then mix in your eggs, milk, and bananas while at the camp. Finally, drizzle with maple syrup and serve.

Tip: You can add chopped walnuts or any other nuts you love.

Here's a video from Blacks Outdoors on how to make the perfect Banana or blueberry pancakes while camping.

How to Make the Perfect Banana or Blueberry Pancakes


2. French Toast

French toast is an all-time classic that you can never go wrong with, even while camping. It is even better when you can make it a little more exciting by cutting it into dunkable french toast fingers or sticks.

3. Chickpea Hash

Did you pack a can of chickpeas for your camping trip? Make a protein-rich hash with chickpeas, any vegetables you might have as well as several eggs. It is quick to prepare and doesn’t leave a load of utensils to clean afterward.

4. Avocado Toast Sandwich

You can have it all with this avocado toast sandwich, that is, bacon, avocado, toast, and a sunny-side-up fried egg. But, equally important as its nutritional and energy value, you can make it all in one skillet, reducing cleanup.

Here's a video from Get Away on how to make Campfire Avocado Toast.

How to make campfire avocado toast


5. Sausage Sandwiches

Camp sausage sandwiches will be less messy when you make the sausage patties at home and store them in your cooler. Next, throw them on a grill in the morning. You can pair it with a fried egg and hot honey sauce.

Note: Pack your buns beforehand, as making them at your campsite can be a little stressful and time-consuming.  

Easy Camping Lunch Meals

6. Dutch Oven Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese is undoubtedly a taste of home we can all want while camping. What’s more, it’s a hands-free meal since it cooks in a dutch oven. Throw all the ingredients into the dutch oven, set it over hot coal, and your lunch will be ready in ten to fifteen minutes.

Outdoor Cooking with Al gives a great recipe for Dutch oven bacon topped Mac & Cheese.

Dutch Oven Bacon Topped Mac & Cheese


7.  Apple Crisp

Apple crisp has never been so easy. First, sauté your apple slices over some brown sugar and butter. Next, add your store-bought granola as a topping and a dollop of whipped cream.

8. Mexican-Style Grilled Corn

Who wouldn’t love a quick and easy-to-make lunch that is also fun to make? Make the most of your campfire with some Mexican-style grilled sweet corn. Keep in mind that it is served hot.

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9. Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

Besides being luscious and amazingly filling, this stew is one pot and has all low-prep ingredients. This west African’s inspired dish combines protein-rich chickpeas and sweet potatoes in a smooth nutty broth.

Here's Journey of Bear Giving step-by-step tips on how to make sweet potato stew.

Camp Cooking Tuesday, Roasted Sausage


10. Cheesy One-Pot Orzo with Asparagus

This one-pot orzo meal is easy to make outdoors, and you can make it with nearly any vegetable you have available. For instance, asparagus makes a great choice when available since it has effortless prep – roughly chop and add it to the orzo.

11. Chilaquiles

Make these simple stove-top chilaquiles using store-bought jarred spicy tomato sauce, tortilla chips, and eggs. For this one, you do not need plates to serve because you can eat them from your skillet.

Cowboy Kent Rollins makes some of the best camping meals we have seen! Check out his video on traditional chilaquiles with homemade red sauce!

Caution: This will make you hungry!

Traditional Chilaquiles with homemade sauce

12. Grilled Chicken Tacos

These tacos pack a ton of summer flavor with a citrus marinade for the grilled chicken. To make this easier, make the marinade before your camping trip. As a result, all you have to do is dump your chicken slice into the marinade for some time before placing it on the grill when you’re ready to cook.

Easy Camping Dinner Meals

Savory Chicken

13. Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

Besides looking appetizing, these chicken skewers are full of tropical flavors and are easy to make. Here, you can choose to chop your pineapple, chicken, and red onions before your camping trip or at your campsite. Afterward, marinate for 30 to 45 minutes, assemble the skewers, and then grill or a griddle.

14. Brats with Peppers and Onions

You can quickly whip these brats over your camp stove or campfire. Simply sauté the onions and bell peppers in a cast-iron skillet or your griddle and throw in several brats. These will go well with pretzel buns, and your dinner is ready.

Great Lakes Prepping creates the perfect video to make simple Campfire Beer Brats with peppers and onions.

Campfire Beer Brats with Peppers and Onions

15. Pie Pizza

Who said you could not have pizza in the wilderness? Pie pizzas are a 10 to 15-minute meal to cook over your campfire. Use store-bought pizza dough and your favorite toppings. What’s more, you can make it fun by ensuring that everyone in your campsite will have their pizza pocket to cook and eat.

16. Vegan Sloppy Joes

Red lentils make a protein-packed filling for making vegan sloppy-joes. It cooks in one pot, and besides making perfect sandwiches, they are also a nutritious stuffing for campfire baked potatoes.

Our Veggie Trails goes through each step of making vegan sloppy joe's for you all to enjoy!

Camping Vegan | Lentil Sloppy Joes


17. Shrimp Foil Packets

These shrimp foil packets are all-time summertime favorites with some delicious shrimp, buttery corn, smoky sausage, and zesty lemon. The best part of making this meal is that there are no dishes to clean at the end of the night since the whole meal cooks in foil.

Watch this video by Outdoor Boys on 10 best campfire snacks!!!! camping foods and campfire cooking:

There you go, survivalists. With such a vast inspiration pool, you bet you will no longer have bland camping meals. What’s more, you can tweak each of these meals to meet your preference as far as taste and quantity are concerned. Remember to carry all the utensils and, of course, ingredients.

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What are your all-time favorite camping meals? Let us know in the comment section below!

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