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8 Easiest Vegetables To Grow For Beginners



Feature | Easiest Vegetables to Grow For Beginners

For any beginner gardener, growing a garden can be intimidating. But with these tips, you can plant the easiest vegetables to grow to give you the motivation to keep growing your garden!

Easiest Vegetables to Grow You Can Start With

As backyard gardening experiences a resurgence in popularity due to the coronavirus, those with little-to-no experience are looking for easy-to-grow options. Luckily, you don’t need fancy raised beds, a green thumb, or even much space to start your vegetable garden. You can be enjoying fresh homegrown produce before you know it, and with minimal care for your plants.

Keep in mind that no garden will flourish if you forget about it. In addition to dirt, pots, and water, your vegetables will grow best if they have steady exposure to sunlight. That being said, even small balconies can be effectively used to grow a bountiful harvest.

So now that you’ve pinpointed a spot for your garden, and picked up a few tools and supplies, here are the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners.

Perfect for Beginners

  1. Lettuce – Quick to grow, easy to pick, and doesn’t need a lot of space—the trifecta in gardening for beginners! You can even grow lettuce in Tupperware, and in shady spots. To use it, just rip or cut off the leaves.
  2. Tomatoes – The most popular plant in gardening because of how easy they are to grow. Tomatoes do need a lot of suns, but are also not picky about their pots or beds. You can use hanging baskets to grow tomatoes on your balcony, without taking up floor space.
  3. Cucumbers – All you need for an abundance of cucumbers is sun, warmth, and support for climbing growth. Cucumbers grow very quickly and do well in pots.

Level 2 Vegetables: As You Gain Confidence

  1. Carrots – Can be grown from the tops of carrots you already have, but carrots do require deeper, well-drained soil and direct sunlight. Homegrown carrots may not grow as large as the ones you’re used to buying at the store.
  2. Radishes – Though they are not as well-loved as some other vegetables, their quick and easy growth may have you Googling new recipes for them. Radishes take only 20 days to grow to full size. Talk about instant gardening gratification!
  3. Green Beans – You’ll want to purchase green bean seeds and plant them in well-drained soil in a sunny space. Once they grow, snap off and enjoy!
  4. Pumpkins – The only drawback to pumpkins is the amount of space they can take up. Pumpkin vines can take over entire yards! But the number of recipes you can enjoy with fresh pumpkin is almost unlimited.
  5. Zucchini & Squash – Zucchini and squash plants grow incredibly quickly and produce a large harvest, so you may want to limit how many of these plants you have. They will need warmth and a lot of water, which is why you often hear the term “summer squashes.”

Even late spring is not too late to start your garden, as many of these quick-growing vegetables flourish in the summertime. If you live in a warmer climate, you can even get started in the summer and enjoy a fall harvest.

You may find yourself eating healthier and saving a lot of money on fresh produce as your garden blooms!

What about you, what are your favorite veggies to plant? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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