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As the new technology continues to gain popularity, the various drone uses for preppers continue to come to light. Continue reading to find out how drones can help you in a survival situation!

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Drone Uses: How It Can Help Save Your Life

Uses of Drones Today

One of the most important things for us preppers is making sure our locations and properties are well protected. To do that, we use cameras to check out the perimeters every now and then.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if we could have a bird's eye view to completely and accurately inspect the whole area? Using an aerial drone is by far the best way to monitor our surroundings.

This is just one example of the different drone innovations uses that can improve our chances of survival. However, just like other things, drones have their benefits and drawbacks.

To help you decide whether or not drones are ideal for your prep, check out the advantages and disadvantages below.


1. Effective for Surveillance and Security


The primary use of a drone is for surveillance and security. Its ability to give an aerial view of your surroundings is one great advantage for survival.

You can easily identify what's going on in your area or if there are any disturbances nearby. It can warn you of the presence of intruders or roving bands of armed goons and help you prepare if there should be a conflict, thus giving you the upper hand in protecting your home.

In addition, having an aerial drone can help you inspect the damages caused by storms or any natural disaster in your area. More often than not, we rely on the news media to get this kind of information.

Now, when there's a failure in communication, we can still gather real-time intelligence about the local situation.

2. Great for Hunting Games


Drones can be an awesome hunting tool. They can help you spot games such as deer and hogs before you spend your entire day hiking the whole area.

This can help you save more time and energy and can overall ensure a successful hunt. Don't worry —although this is a modern hunting method, you still have to kill the game the old-fashioned way of using guns and bullets.

3. Remote-Controlled


The ability to control the drone from a distance allows you to detect trouble before it gets to you without having to expose yourself to any potential threats. This is obviously an excellent tactical advantage.

Drones can also scout large areas or places that would be dangerous to travel by foot in just minutes. There are even models where you can monitor flight paths and adjust settings through smartphones and tablet apps.

4. Stealth Capabilities


Usually, drones can be pretty quiet and capable of long-range views, which is good for scouting your perimeter. Also, avoiding and tampering with drones is difficult compared to mounted cameras.

Therefore, they can give you more accurate and real-time information on what's happening in your location.

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5. Deliver Information and Things


You can send information and things using drones. They are the perfect option if you worry that traditional communication is at risk or non-operational, which is more likely during times of crisis.

Larger drones can also carry important supplies to other people, especially in hard to reach areas or treacherous places. That way, they can get what they need without putting anyone's life in danger.

6. Other Important Features


You can modify your drone and add other cool features that will improve its functionality. You can also customize it according to the situations and circumstances.

Here are some features that preppers will surely like:

  • Flight time charge – This can ensure that your drone will accomplish the whole flight path with a single charge.
  • Detection software – You can add this throughout your perimeter, and it will automatically send the drones to the breached vicinity.
  • Safety features – To identify and avoid objects in its flight path, you can add proximity sensors. When the battery is low or the controller is losing connection, a return-to-base function will be a great advantage.


1. Short Battery Life


Although drones are convenient to use, they have short battery life. The average lifespan of its battery is ten to fifteen minutes.

Larger drones can fly up to twenty-five minutes and take around three hours to completely charge the batteries. That means in a survival situation, you need to have some form of power source to continue using them, such as a generator or solar panels.

2. Can Be Shot Down


One of the drawbacks of drones is that they can be shot down, captured, and disabled by an intruder. When that happens, you lose the information or supplies they are carrying.

In some circumstances, people can follow the drones back to your location. However, you can come up with a plan and launch the drone far from the area you don't want to endanger.

3. Hackable


Hackers can take over the drone's network and main control system without the knowledge of the operator. If the users connect their social media profile to the drone's system, then their confidential information is at risk.

After gathering the information, hackers can destroy the files to prevent the evidence of intrusion.

Looking for more drone uses? Watch this video from Bloomberg and find out ten non-military uses of drones:

Having real-time intelligence can help you come up with the right decision when SHTF. Gathering information in a dangerous location or situation without putting someone's life in danger is a great advantage innovation in drone technology can provide.

While not all drones send out images or data, they do have the capability to deliver supplies to perilous areas. Drones are perfect examples of how technology can improve our security and protect our properties from intruders.

Do you know other drone uses? Share them with us in the comments section below! 


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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drone Uses For Preppers |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 10, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  2. Frank

    December 7, 2017 at 12:04 AM

    This will help a lot I think. We have a drone but have never flown it et.

    • Frank

      December 7, 2017 at 12:05 AM

      This will help a lot I think. We have a drone but have never flown it et.

  3. Rich

    March 29, 2018 at 2:40 PM

    Drones are a good tool for the above and also a good training aid. We use one to do surveillance of our training and then watch the videos at our debrief. They help us spot mistakes and make easy corrections.
    Good for all kinds of things.

  4. Anonymous

    July 13, 2019 at 2:17 PM

    Drones might be good for surveillance, but it can also alert others to where you are.

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