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DIY Survival Candles: The Butter Candle



DIY Survival Candles

Part 2: The Butter Candle

The Orange Lantern, which we showed you last week, is a survival candle made from an orange and olive oil. It can give you light for about an hour. It is indeed a useful candle to use in survival situation or in a blackout.

There is another homemade survival candle that will burn up to 4 hours, but it does not smell like oranges or any “pretty” scent. This candle is called The Butter Candle. Even though The Butter Candle burns longer than The Orange Lantern, it doesn’t smell so great. But if you’re in a survival situation and are desperate for a little bit of light and warmth, this is an option.

Read on for our tutorial on making your own DIY butter candle.


  • A stick of butter
  • A sheet of a paper-towel or toilet paper
  • A thin screwdriver or something long and very thin
  • A lighter
  • A glass jar (optinal)



Take your butter and remove about an inch of wax paper from one end.

diy butter candle 1


Poke a hole in the middle of the stick of butter with your thin screwdriver or desired tool.

diy butter candle 2


Take your paper towel or toilet paper and roll it up. Push it through the middle hole in the butter using your screwdriver. Leave some of the paper towel sticking out above the butter. Place the stick of butter in the jar.

diy butter candle 3

diy butter candle 4

diy butter candle 5

Take your lighter and light the paper towel. It may take a few minutes before the butter candle begins to burn.

diy butter candle 6

diy butter candle 7

You now have made your own Butter Candle. In our next article, I will show you how to construct the Olive Oil Lamp.

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  6. W7

    June 1, 2019 at 8:32 AM

    Do the same with a 1 gallon tub of vegetable shortening (crisco) and you can generate light and heat for up to 3 days. Multiple wicks can generate more light and heat, potentially able to boil water or cook.

  7. Reader

    June 18, 2019 at 3:53 PM

    Wouldn’t somebody smell the butter as itwas melting? That’s why a bacon candle sounds delicious, but dumb. It’s ridiculous anyhow. Doomsday cryers. Silly.

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