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Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag



Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag

Are you prepared? That seems to be the question of the day- well…everyday. Emergency preparedness is no joke, and should not be taken lightly. Whether it be a terrorist attack, natural disaster, civil unrest, or epidemic, everyone should have a plan in place and pre-made kit handy. However, there are many variables to creating a bug out bag, including your location.

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If you were in an urban setting you would not really need all of the tools you would use in the wilderness, and vice versa.

Aside from the essentials, your bugout bag checklist will vary depending on what type of situation or setting you find yourself in. We want to help build the right bug out bag for you, and have gathered a few you need to know:

Urban Bail Out Bag

Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag | Urban Bail Out Bag

Bug out situations that occur in urban settings, such as a terrorist attack or industrial accident, have unique elements to consider when creating your bugout bag checklist. Some of these situations may include:

  • Having to avoid building debris and broken glass
  • Possibility of finding supply caches in abandoned buildings
  • Encountering other humans that are also trying to survive
  • Less need for emergency shelter as there should be many buildings around and debris available to create a shelter
  • Increased likelihood of opportunities to scavenge water and food from deserted buildings

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Hence, some items you may want to consider are:

  • A dust mask – protect your lungs from debris found in collapsed buildings.
  • A can opener – much of the preserved food found in urban areas may be canned.
  • Work gloves – one of the most valuable tools you have is your hands. Avoid harsh contact with glass and other debris with a good pair of gloves.
  • Crow bar – pry open barriers or smash open a window.

(See more about urban bug out bags at The Bug Out Bag Guide)

Wilderness Go Bag

Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag | Wilderness Go Bag

First and foremost, wilderness survival is all about know-how. Your bug out bag will only get you so far if you do not know the five essential keys to surviving the wilderness: 1. How to build a shelter – building a shelter in the wilderness is one of the first things you need to learn to combat Mother Nature's elements. Learn how to build a debris shelter here! 2. How to signal for help – there are several tools you can include in your pack to signal for help, but make sure you also understand how to create an emergency signal using rocks, trees, snow, or dirt. 3. What to eat and how to find it 4. How to build and maintain a fire – going back to basics and learning essential fire building and maintaining can be the difference between life and death. Learn how to build a fire here. 5. How to find water – you can only live about three days without water, whereas you can live up to a couple months without food. Knowing not only how to find water, but also how to sterilize it to be drinkable, will also save your life. Check out our modern water purification system here.

A few items you may want to consider for wilderness survival are:

  • Compass – navigating your way around the wilderness is absolutely essential to keep you from going in circles, and to reach your next destination.
  • Fire starter – a great fire starter will keep you from expending time energy you cannot afford to lose.
  • Hatchet – knives are great. Hatchets are even better. These can get the same job done as a knife, in addition to helping you build tools and shelters more quickly.
  • Water filter – although there are many water purification techniques, as mentioned above, we recommend carrying a filtration system to ensure you have clean, safe drinking water. Our favorite is the LifeStraw, which you can purchase here at a discounted price.

 Go Bag for Pets


Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag | Go Bag For Pets

Who doesn't love their pets? When a disaster hits, your buddy Shiloh is going to be right there with you, and they need to be just as prepared as you:

  • Pet first-aid kit – whether you are in an urban or wilderness situation, fresh bandages and stints will give you a clear mind over the health and safety of your pet.
  • Blanket – if your pet has anxiety like mine does, a blanket could be the trick to helping them settle down and keep calm in a emergency situation.
  • Medical records – it may sound silly, but having the medical records handy, especially if someone else is care-giving, can save their lives.
  • Extra leash – wear and tear on your harness is guaranteed, so keep an additional leash handy.

Rural Bug Out Bag

Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag | Rural Bag Out Bag

Many folks will be traveling to rural areas in a SHTF situation, because they think they have their best changes of survival there. A few things you may want to pack include:

  • Paracord – this nifty rope can be used for just about anything, because it is sturdy as hell. Check out our 36 paracord projects here.
  • Hammock – while everyone else is hiding out on the farm, a hammock will give you the ability to isolate yourself and your belongings.  Purchase our favorite hammock here.
  • MREs – While hunting and gathering is always plausible, it may prove to be a little difficult than the wilderness. Canned goods may also be a little harder to come by, which makes MREs an essential item on your go bag list. MREs, or Meal Ready to Eat, are lightweight, dried foods that can easily fit in your pack.

So there you have it! Go out and customize your bail out/go/bug out bag to your heart's content. Let us know what you keep in your BOB in the comments below!

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  2. Minva

    July 17, 2014 at 5:24 AM

    The info graphic had a lot of interesting information. What is the source for that info?

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  5. Rick

    September 6, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    I have a large Blackhawk med bag for a bob on it I have a military IFAk individual first aid kit and inside I have more FA supplies as well as a supply of bullion cubes, dried beans, rice, a ruger Blackhawk. 45 colt, 150 rnds, a small ,22 semi auto, 200 rnds, a 10 x 20 tarp, a half roll of plastic sheeting, my SOG tomahawk, three bic lighters,a blast match, vasoline soaked cotton balls in a large pill bottle, several packets of tea, a large soup can, a stainless steel canteen cup, and my nepalees kukri, and 100 rnds of 12 gauge shotgun shells (60 oo buck and 30 bird,10 slugs) and last a lifestraw water filter.

    • Rick

      September 7, 2014 at 2:06 AM

      Also added to the above items are a pack of tea candles 10 ea, a divers compass, and a olin 12 gage flare gun. And I always carry my cold steel Ak-47 folder(large one) and my CC 5 shot S&W .38 with 2 speed loaders.

  6. mark brandli

    December 15, 2014 at 11:32 PM

    I am a practicing prepper since the Cuban missile crisis and former naval aircrew and really appreciate the caliber of instruction provided in your website . I have always practiced prepping with the idea that when you have nothing but knowledge you have everything you need!
    The knowledge our ancestors used to survive I believe is for worst case scenario, any “gadget” only makes it easier!!

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