Camping Desserts and Cocktails… And We’re Not Talking Molotov



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Who says you can't make delicious camping desserts in the outdoors? Check out our list of mouthwatering treats to enjoy at camp!

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  1. Backpacking Desserts and Booze
  2. Campfire Apple Crisp
  3. Dutch Oven Smores
  4. Ooey Gooey Grilled Chocolate Banana Bundles
  5. Fire Roasted Marshmallow Covered Strawberries
  6. Grilled Campfire Cones
  7. No Mess Grilled Blueberry Cobbler
  8. Campfire Eclairs
  9. Boozy Campfire Marshmallows
  10. Fireside Sangria
  11. Campsite Sangria
  12. Sunset Rum Punch

Camping Desserts to Enjoy in the Outdoors

Backpacking Desserts and Booze

First thing's first – Is your bugout bag packed? Is your survival gear in order? Do you have your emergency food stored properly?

Okay! Now that you've taken care of the necessities, take a second to do something that's not exactly essential to your survival preparation, but let's just call these your mental bugout bag essentials – sweets and booze.

And we can't (well… don't want to) go without even when camping out. So we've gathered up the most delicious campfire-friendly, easy to prepare, and no mess recipes we promise will be well behaved and well-traveled on your camping trip.

These desserts and drinks will make you a happy camper. You might even have enough to share if you're feeling generous.

Campfire Apple Crisp


Apple cobbler can be difficult, messy, and a pain to transport. You can bring the ingredients along and make these little crisps instead for a delicious and no fuss camping dessert alternative.

They fold up into little bundles you throw on the campfire. So simple!

Dutch Oven Smores


A new take on dutch oven cobbler recipes. The marshmallows in this Dutch oven smores get extra crispy and the chocolate gets extra melty when you let the dutch oven do the work for you.

Ooey Gooey Grilled Chocolate Banana Bundles


This is another easy take-along dessert that you can wrap in foil and throw on the fire. Before you know it you have a gooey dessert, ready with an aluminum foil “plate” that can be easily disposed of.

Fire Roasted Marshmallow Covered Strawberries


Stick a skewer through the strawberry, dip it in some marshmallow fluff, roast over the campfire, consume when cool. Easy and delicious!

Grilled Campfire Cones


Care for grilled campfire cones? Nutella, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and marshmallows melted inside of a waffle cone?

Yes, please!

No Mess Grilled Blueberry Cobbler


Up for camping desserts on grill. This cobbler grills right on top of the fire in a throwaway pan.

This might be one of the more difficult recipes as far as transportation is concerned, but we promise it is well worth the effort!

Campfire Eclairs


Look at this campfire eclair then tell if it won't make your tummy rumble! I mean… look at it. Need we say more?

Boozy Campfire Marshmallows


This one's pretty simple, yet so perfectly delicious. Give your marshmallows a drunk dunk and treat yourself to some sweet, boozy dessert.

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Fireside Sangria


Sangria and the outdoors go together like love and marriage. This easy recipe is a great stand by for your campsite boozing.

Campsite Sangria


Pf course we had to include a white sangria option as well! This one is lighter, brighter, and perfect for summertime camping.

Sunset Rum Punch


Another summertime favorite rum punch. Sip this deliciously fruity cocktail around the campfire while watching the sunset from your campsite.

Or in some other perfectly beautiful camping scene.

Watch this short video about making Dutch oven s'mores by Dutch Oven Chef:

Camping and delicious desserts make for a great outdoor experience. We hope you try out these amazingly delicious recipes.

After all, everyone deserves to splurge every once in a while.

Have you tried any of these delicious foods while camping? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Camping Desserts and Cocktails… And We're Not Talking Molotov |

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