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No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, you’re sure to have a great time in these wonderful campgrounds in Oregon.

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In this article:

  1. Dorena Lake – Cottage Grove
  2. Cascadia State Park – Detroit
  3. Oxbow Regional Park – Troutdale
  4. Cape Lookout State Park – Tillamook
  5. Cape Perpetua – Yachats
  6. Harris Beach State Park – Brookings
  7. Cove Creek – Mill City
  8. Paradise in Oregon – Blue River
  9. Valley of the Rogue State Park – Rogue River
  10. Big Lake – Coburg

Best Campgrounds in Oregon | Camping in the Beaver State

1. Dorena Lake – Cottage Grove

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Dorena Lake is a great destination for family gatherings such as reunions and weddings, and one of the best lake camping in Oregon.

Have fun sightseeing and enjoy the numerous outdoor activities like water skiing, boating, hiking, biking and more. You can’t get enough of what Dorena Lake brings to your camping trip.

2. Cascadia State Park – Detroit

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The tranquility of Cascadia State Park is one of the first things you’ll notice. There are more than a dozen campsites to choose from its large area filled with beautiful sights.

The first of May until late September is when the East campgrounds are open for picnics, while the West spot is great for the entire year.

3. Oxbow Regional Park – Troutdale

Oxbow’s forests have 15 miles of trails. You can put up camp and start a fire in the cold forest night.

Wildlife is also abundant in this place with black bears, foxes, deer, cougars, and elks. Salmons also make their way back to their breeding grounds in the fall.

4. Cape Lookout State Park – Tillamook

Cape Lookout is a famous camping area which gives a fantastic view of the ocean. The state park is known for beachcombing and has miles of walking and hiking trails that pass through the forest.

Enjoy the trail and look for the bench at the end. If you’re lucky, a whale might show up in the ocean!

5. Cape Perpetua – Yachats

Oregon seascape | Best Campgrounds In Oregon
Looking for camping in Oregon coast? A couple of weeks after the first discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, Captain James Cook set sail with his two ships across the Pacific Ocean.

Nine days later, in the midst of a strong storm, a tall mountain on the Oregon coast was sighted and named Cape Perpetua.

Exploring the place tells a lot of its history. It has wonderful trails and Oregon coast camping.

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6. Harris Beach State Park – Brookings

Scottish founder George Harris came here in the 1880s where the place got its name. Harris Beach is on the biggest island off the coast of Oregon.

The tufted puffin which is a rare bird species breed in its National Wildlife Sanctuary in Bird Island.

A wide variety of wildlife is also found in the park on its sandy beaches. Beautiful tide pools also form in the beaches.

7. Cove Creek – Mill City

At an elevation of 1,600 feet, the Cove Creek Campground rests on the shores of Detroit Lake. The secluded atmosphere has campgrounds with tall trees.

Ospreys hover above the trees which visitors can enjoy watching. Its lush vegetation is a haven for nature goers and those who are searching for great picnic spots.

8. Paradise in Oregon – Blue River

This place is not called Paradise Campground for anything. The banks of the McKenzie River provide a sub-tropical vibe with Douglas fir and western red cedar.

Kayaking and whitewater rafting is a popular activity in the area as well as steelhead fishing.

What is Steelhead Fishing? “Steelhead” is a particular species of fish that lives in both fresh and saltwater. They’re also called rainbow trout, a challenging group of fish to catch even for experienced anglers.

9. Valley of the Rogue State Park – Rogue River

Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley has a pleasant green oasis that awaits you. There are three miles of shoreline on the Rogue River that’s great for overnight camping and morning picnics.

Camping groups can also use the meeting hall. The river’s edge has a cool and relaxing trail that stretches more than a mile.

10. Big Lake – Coburg

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Campers will definitely enjoy the lake view with the spectacular Mt. Washington being a backdrop.

This Oregon campground lies along a 4,800-foot mountain pass — Santiam Pass. This goes through the Cascade Range in Western Oregon.

Oregon is widely considered one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and is a popular tourist destination. Folks travel from far and wide to visit Oregon state campgrounds and enjoy its diverse landscape of mountains, forests, and beaches.

Hiking, fishing, and even whale watching are among the popular pastimes of locals and tourists alike. Don’t forget to pay these places a visit when you’re in beautiful Oregon.

Have you ever been to the beautiful Oregon state and some of these campgrounds? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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    July 2, 2019 at 7:21 AM

    Valley of the Rogue is a rest area along the freeway and park combined. Don’t bother going. Instead, go to Silver Falls State Park. Gorgeous hiking trails that will take you past or behind up to a dozen waterfalls. Swimming, fishing, horseback riding, and billing are also offered. Nearby towns to visit include Silverton and Salem. I know. I’m a native Oregonian, and I’ve lived here for 48 years.

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