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Survival Gear Review: Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems



Check out our survival gear review of the Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat systems.

Survival expert Alden Morris gives you the scoop on the Chest Rig MOLLE Belt. Check it out below, and don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom to see the belt in action!

Survival Gear Review: The Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems

The newest addition to the tactical inventory provided by Beez Combat Systems is the Chest Rig MOLLE Belt; or CRMB for short.  The CRMB features a dual padded interior held comfortably in place by two male one inch GSI buckles. The exterior of the CRMB features three horizontal rows and four vertical rows of MOLLE webbing held up to MIL-Spec Velcro and webbing standards and allows for attachment of any MOLLE/PALS style gear.

Check out Survival Gear Review: Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems at

The Chest Rig MOLLE Belt is made from genuine Cordura materials and is adjustable for any waist size 30 inches and higher.  The dual pads featured on the CRMB allow for ease of access to additional gear or a sidearm on both the left and the right side of the hips.  This unique design allows for a range of gear to be easily accessible when in a “fight or flight” situation while still remaining snug and secure along the waist and hips.

Check out Survival Gear Review: Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems at

Field Tested

Whether standing, crouched, or in prone position the CRMB acts as a tactical belt all while remaining a part of the Chest Rig unit.  This feature allows the wearer to keep down the number of unit assemblies necessary for the mission all while providing the same reliability.  The CRMB easily snaps into place once adjusted to the wearer, maintains a low-profile design, and can be accessorized to fit any additional gear for the job.

Check out Survival Gear Review: Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems at

The CRMB is produced with one inch male GSI buckles and can be added to any Chest Rig offered by Beez Combat Systems.  Whether running the AK Chest Rig, the AR Chest Rig, the 7.62 Chest Rig or even the Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig the CRMB can be added to your specific Beez Combat Systems rig.  If already operating a Chest Rig the CRMB completely eradicates the need for an additional tactical belt while carrying all the same tools and supplies.  The CRMB is perfect for additional ammunition, medical supplies, a sidearm, canteens, and any other gear that may be needed.

The CRMB and your Chest Rig

Be sure to check out the Beez Combat Systems website.  The CRMB is optional with any style Chest Rig and can be ordered separately if a Beez Combat Systems Chest Rig is already in possession.  The Chest Rig MOLLE Belt also comes in a variety of colors including the latest Kryptek and can be styled to fit your color needs.

Check out Survival Gear Review: Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB) by Beez Combat Systems at

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Chest Rigs as opposed to Plate Carriers serve to provide the wearer with as much munitions, if not more, while remaining as light as possible.  More munitions and a lighter rig allow the wearer to advance further and preserve more energy and adrenaline.  In a Survival Life situation a Chest Rig would be just as much needed as a Plate Carrier in order to counter all scenarios that may act as an obstacle in your path.

To see the CRMB in action, check out the video below!




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