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Backyard Aquaculture And Its Importance



Today we are going to take another look at backyard aquaculture. Aquaculture has a history of thousands of years of feeding people via small self-managed systems.

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Discussion About Backyard Aquaculture

I have now been doing this at various levels for about 8 years. I have also done a large number of episodes more on the how to aspects so today I am coming at it more on how to think about it and chose the right tactics for your own needs.

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  • Why aquaculture in America today
    • With adjustments is can be done in most of the US even on small properties
    • A lot of the feed requirements can be self provided
    • High quality protein that can be harvested as needed (no storage energy)
    • Growth rates are high due to high efficiency of aquatic environments
    • Other feed stock for other animals can be an out put
    • Huge fertility can be built by even small aquatic systems
    • A track record of feeding humans for thousands of years
    • Tons of aquatic and semi aquatic vegetables can be grown along with fish
    • Water is life
  • Some ideas I have that may help you
    • Miyagis are beautiful but above ground pools are cheaper and more efficient
    • If you can dig a hole go as deep as is practical
    • Use either local fish or fish that are endemic to a climate like your own
    • Do not adjust PH, etc. find fish that live in your natural water source
    • If you are not on a well you really and I mean really need to harness rain catch
    • Don’t hesitate to use commercial feed
  • This is something you really will not learn and understand until you do it

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