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Best Survival Cell Phone Apps

For a lot of people, technology and preparedness don't necessarily go together. In fact, many of us pride ourselves on living a simpler life free from modern “conveniences.” But believe it or not, there are some great apps for preppers and survivalists out there.

Of course, you shouldn't completely rely on cell phone apps, though their convenience and ease of use can be tempting. The idea is to let the apps supplement your already well-honed survival skills. If you don't know what you're doing to begin with, a survival app won't do you any good.

Want to know some of the best survival cell phone apps around? Check out the article below. If you know of other great apps that aren't on the list, feel free to share them with fellow readers in the comments!

Top 10 Prepper Apps – usCrow The Elite Prepper Website for Survival


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