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ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 11



Episode 11: Winter’s Fury

Episode 10 ended with the participants discussing their reasons why they stay on Vancouver Island and the reasons why they each think about tapping out. Also, Nicole’s luck had run out with catching fish after the seals continued to take the fish from her gill net. How much longer can each of the participants hold on?

Winter Storm Survival Tips

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. -Friedrich Nietzsche

4 People Remain

  1. Jose Martinez Amoedo
  2. Nicole Apelian
  3. David McIntyre
  4. Larry Roberts

As Episode 11 Begins…

Jose takes off in his kayak on this frosty morning to go fishing using his handcrafted fishing spool. He heads back to shore and sees a barrel type container on the shore that he thinks he can use. He discovers that muscles are covering the entire barrel. He talks about the possibility of them being contaminated by red tide but decides to chance it as he is sure they are safe to eat. He heads back to camp to cook his meal. He eats his meal knowing there is a risk involved. The next morning he awakes with no symptoms from eating the muscles and continues to go about his day.

David explores other fishing opportunities and finds a new area. He compares his new fishing area to ‘getting a raise’. He then explores even further and finds a tide pool about 4 feet deep and decides to fish for crab and is able to catch 3 crabs. He states that finding this cove is the best find since his journey began on Vancouver Island.

Larry shows off a different side for the viewers at home and talks about his wife; how he promises to do more fun things with her in the future. As he talks about his wife he etches ‘I love Rachael’ in the sand. He then turns to the camera and says “I love you Rachael”. He then talks about his son and the time his son told him that he was his hero and how much that meant to him.

Nicole talks about her youngest son and that this day is his eighth birthday. She looks into the camera and wishes her son a wonderful birthday. Nicole quickly turns emotional as she talks about how much she misses her children. Later, she checks her gill net and once more it is empty. She walks around her camp area to hopefully find some edible plants but is unable to harvest any plants due to the recent frost that has consumed Vancouver Island.

As Episode 11 Continues…

David on this particular day talks about how the day is a bust. It’s raining and very cold and he is trying to kill time by staying at his camp chopping wood and doing little things to stay busy to buy time until the weather changes. He finally decides to retrieve to his shelter to stay warm in his sleeping bag as the temperature has plummeted to 33 degrees. Later, as the weather has let up he decides to work on small projects. He finds a giant piece of pitch and decides to make fire starters by melting down the pitch. He thrn coats wood shavings with the melted pitch. These fire starters are great for rainy type weather.

Larry also decides to stay in his shelter to stay warm. He talks about how long the days seem. Then the freezing rain starts. Later on, he emerges from his camp to check his trap and finds a mouse underneath the fallen rock. Larry continues to talk about how he is just buying time and wonders how much longer his stay on the island will continue.

Jose takes the kayak out and talks about how he has gained a new appreciation for his wife and how he misses her so much. He says he is satisfied with what he has accomplished thus far. He talks about how he has already won the big prize in life – his wife.

Nicole decides to continue her forage for food before the weather becomes too fierce. She tries a new route and begins to look for edible mushrooms. Although she has no luck, she does find a single huckleberry – which is a treat for Nicole. She heads back to camp and talks about how much of the food sources around her area are basically gone. Later on, Nicole decides to gather limpets for her dinner. She talks about really missing her family. She is trying to mentally balance her desire to stay on the island and her desire to be home with her children and how difficult it has become to decide what she should do next. She feels like she has accomplished what she set out to accomplish. Later that night as she sits by the fire, she says she is so torn. The next scene is the boat arriving to the island. Nicole has decided that her journey on Vancouver Island is now complete and has decided to tap out. It is an emotional scene as she speaks of her mixed feelings but says she needs to get home to her children. She feels something tugging at her and knows it’s her children – that they need her. She talks about how happy this place has made her and how it feels like home. She has co-existed with nature on Vancouver Island and she became part of the ecosystem. She then speaks of her personal journey living with MS. She says: “I may have MS, but MS doesn’t have me.” She says she is grateful for her stay on Vancouver Island and will always carry this experience with her.


Watch the full episode here.

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