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Every shooter has to start somewhere.

If you're a novice shooter and/or a little apprehensive about getting started with the “real deal” right away, airsoft rifles can be a great alternative.

Our friends at Gun Carrier have some awesome tips about using an airsoft rifle in your defensive weapons training. Check out an excerpt from the article below, and read the whole thing here.

Training with Airsoft

Airsoft is an excellent “force on force” training medium.  The higher end guns give you blow back / recoil and are close to the actual weight of the firearm they replicate.  The Airsoft guns our department had, you would charge the magazine with compressed gas and load the magazines with BB’s.  You also had to work the action for the first shot as if you were charging the weapon.  When the magazine ran out of gas, you had to do a magazine change (if you purchase these kinds of guns, do not let the mags hit the floor during a magazine change or you will eventually damage the mags).  This gave the officers real life training in weapon handling.  With a realistic gun, limited ammo and a projectile that fires, the only difference in training is that you are not using lead bullets.  Let that sink in.

Make the training realistic, see how long it takes you from you hearing the noise until you reach your defensive position…

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