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When it comes to survival books, T.V. shows and survival websites, far too much attention is paid to wilderness survival issues. While these silks are important for people who spend time in the outdoors, for a vast majority of people these are not the skills they need to focus on.

Urban Survival & Wilderness Survival are two very different things.

Survival Gear is another area where people get caught up in the wilderness survival mentality. If you’re heading out into the wilderness, then by all means stock up on gear for that environment. But if you’re planning to face most modern day threats, you need to really consider what those threats are and where you will be when they happen.

Most commercially sold survival gear is geared towards a wilderness audience.

With the popularity of so many recent survival television shows, a lot of people now have a really warped idea of what it takes to survive during a disaster. I mean how many people are really going to find themselves stranded, naked and afraid on a deserted island?

Let’s get real here. When disaster strikes, you will likely by at home, at work, or somewhere near your normal everyday environment. These are the places you need to be ready to survive in.

Here are 7 Pieces of Gear, Specifically suited for Urban Survival

Keep in mind these are only suggestions, some of these items are pretty expensive and are only highlighted because they are designed specifically for an urban setting. The main purpose is to get you thinking about the difference in gear types, and what types of items might be helpful during a long-term urban disaster.

Columbia River Knife and Tool's 2052 McGowan M.A.K.-1

The CRKT M.A.K.-1

The CRKT M.A.K.-1 is a rescue and rapid entry knife designed by professional firefighter James McGowan. McGowan designed the knife for rescue workers, special response teams and military operators.

The knife is specifically geared towards urban survival issues, and has a number of design features that would come in incredibly useful during a big city disaster.

  • The knife has two window-breaking tools, designed to break building windows or automotive glass.
  • It has an 8mm cutout wrench for disconnecting GM-style side terminal batteries.
  • Most relevant for urban survival, something most wilderness style knives would fail at, is its ability to be used as a pry bar. The knife features a blunt chisel pry-bar tip for prying open doors and windows.

See the full list here.

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