7 Helpful Tips from Seasoned Preppers



If you think that preparing yourself for survival is crazy, just pick up a newspaper and glance through it briefly. You will most likely come across news of famines, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, economic collapse, home invasions, shootings, war, hijackings, terrorist attacks and so on. These events occur every day!

As depressing as it may sound, it is only a matter before disaster strikes in your vicinity. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail! Planning for survival might seem like an overwhelming task if you are a virgin prepper! These expert tips will get you started on the right path.

1) Buy an extra 5 dollars’ worth of canned food every time you go out grocery shopping.

As you may have already realized, prepping is not cheap! However, it is much easier on the pocket if you break up the cost. Instead of buying all your food supplies at once, buy a couple of cans of fish/meat, nuts etc. when you make your weekly shopping trip. This way, you will build up a sizable stash over a year. But it does not end here – in order to ensure that your food supplies remain fresh, you have to keep using and replacing them.

2) Start saving water.

Many preppers ignore water completely. Pure, drinking water becomes your number one priority during SHTF scenarios. So get a mobile water filtration system (check out Lifestraw) and start storing drinking water as well. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles (mineral water, pepsi, coca cola etc.), fill them up with water and keep them next to your food stash. The water will not spoil as long as you close the lids tightly (though it is stil. Keep using and replacing your water stash too.


  • Today, you might feel that it is silly to store water but before you make any judgements, take a look at these stats by the CDC:
  • One in five of all children deaths (under the age of 5) are due to a water related disease
  • Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from a water borne illness
  • Millions of people die due to diarrhea every year

If you live in a developed country, you may not have to encounter problems such as water shortage and sanitation. This is because at present, your government system is functioning efficiently. However, war, economic collapse and natural disasters can cause severe disruption of civic services. Hence, it is better to be prepared for all situations.

3) Start connecting with other preppers.

Prepping is alone is not fun! You will enjoy it a lot more if you interact with like-minded individuals. Join groups in your area, be active on forums and educate people about the importance of prepping.



4) Fight for your rights now: Do not wait for “things” to hit the fan!

You can avert disasters by standing up for pressing issues such as the right to own weapons, reducing CO2 emissions, creating more jobs etc. Also, stay in touch with current events and try to predict the kind of calamity that is most likely to befall you.

For example: If you live in an area which is prone to flooding, invest in relevant equipment. If you live in a bad neighborhood, prep for home invasions and burglaries. If you think that there will be a civil war, stock up on bullets! If you fear economic breakdown, liquidate your investments and buy things that are required to sustain life. Try to remain one step ahead of the world.

5) Get yourself a weapon and learn to use it properly.

Buying a firearm is one thing. Using it safely and responsibly is another. Take courses on firearm use and safety. It is good that you can hit the bullseye at the shooting range. But can you hit moving targets? Can you keep your wits about you when things are going helter-skelter?

6) Invest in survival gear and create a bug out bag.

No, this is not a bad investment. Many people think that it is foolish to set up Bug Out Bags and other survival equipment since you might never need it. So why do people buy cars with safety features (ABS, airbags)? They might never need these too.

The mainstream is too obsessed with taking selfies and procuring likes on facebook. Most people run away from real world problems and try to find solace in petty stuff. Do not pay attention to skeptics.

7) Gain practical experience.

Learn about various survival techniques and practice them regularly! Your preparedness does not always depend upon the size of your stash; it depends on how much you know.

It is great that you are preparing for mishaps. However, do not live in constant fear of doomsday. Do not become so engrossed in what might happen tomorrow that you forget to enjoy the gifts that today has to offer!

Do what you can to maximize your chances of survival; do not worry about what you cannot control. Cheers!

Bonus tip: Do not stash all your gear in one location! Create several stashes at different locations.

Courtesy of The Weekend Prepper.