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What Will Cause Your Doomsday Demise?



No matter how hard we try, we humans all end up dying one way or another.

Whether that happens peacefully at home in your bed or in some sort of post-event, survival situation is anyone's guess.

All we know is that death is imminent, and doomsday would surely bring it on more quickly for most of those around for such an event.

Assuming that there aren't bombs involved that blow up and radiate everything and everyone, this list gives the likely scenarios for your demise in a post-event world.

Even the most prepared prepper and savvy survivalist will be hard pressed to not battle any of these adversities when the SHTF.

So how will you most die when doomsday comes along? Let's start with the most basic of possibilities for the means to your end:


You'll run out of food and water.


In a post-event world, people will likely starve to death or die of dehydration in mass. No grocery stores, no refrigerators, and lots of people trying to survive off of what little food is available. Aside from stores of bottled water, which will go quickly, there will be little in the way of clean, drinkable water. People in cities will be especially hard pressed to find water to drink.


Your life isn't of any value to strangers. 


It's hard to contemplate how we'll be once chaos breaks out and the SHTF, but we'd all like to think we'd be calm, rational, and not start killing strangers for trivial reasons. Sadly, this won't be the case. You might not start offing people left and right, but someone will. This will add to the chaos and desperation, leading many to feel they have no choice but to kill or be killed. With law and order brushed aside, death and murder will become a part of normal life for those who survive.


Filth and disease will wreak havoc on your body.


With order gone, waste treatment will soon fall by the wayside and filth will run in the streets. Even the healthiest individual's immune system can't stand up to the disease that will run rampant without waste treatment. Long forgotten diseases will reemerge and easily kill the masses of people without access to health care.


A scratch or cut will fester with disease.


As we previously mentioned, the filth and disease will be running rampant. A simple cut or scratch might usually be no big deal, but without access to antibiotics or bandages, that little scratch could turn into a big problem.


A minor infection will cause a full blown fever. 


Before the luxury of modern medicine, simple fevers claimed many lives. Where we now cure these minor infections fairly easily, lack of proper medicine could make a simple fever a full blown, deadly illness.

You'll lose the will to survive.


As you see many die around you and the situation seems to grow more hopeless day by day, you'll lose that desire to fight which is critical to long-term survival. At your lowest you might even contemplate suicide. Regardless, losing the will to live will end you even if you don't do it yourself.


When all the other food sources have been depleted, another human will eat you. 


Okay, so maybe this isn't the most likely scenario. However, in times of extreme and dire circumstances, humans have been known to turn to each other when they run out of food. Though this isn't a common practice in modern times, there have been multiple times throughout history when people have resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. Assuming you don't become a cannibal yourself, you would be hunted for sustenance.

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  1. Mnm

    March 31, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    How depressing. Just drink the koolaid and off ti the nect adventure eather than wait around for the inevitable

  2. J C Parjer

    March 31, 2014 at 4:53 PM

    If you quickly get to the “countery” thats most likely the quickest way to go. Damm few not only dont know “country” but dont know how to learn.

  3. richard1941

    April 6, 2014 at 8:50 PM

    What about the MZBs (mutant zombie bikers)? I don’t know if it would be worse to be one or to be attacked by one? All of their females have tattoos, numerous body piercings, spiked purple hair, and black lipstick, just like regular people in Hollywood.

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