What Is Aquaponics?



Aquaponics has been a hot topic in the survival sphere for the last several months…

But what exactly is it?

Aquaponics might sound complicated, but don't let that keep you from trying it out. It's not as hard as you think.

Aquaponics: Great Idea for Every Prepper

In fact, we recently published an awesome tutorial for building your own indoor aquaponics garden in an afternoon.

But for those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, I found this video that really does a great job of explaining the basics of aquaponics.

Check out the video below.

Are you concerned about how you are prepping and being ready for any unfortunate scenario? Are you thinking of ways to be really prepared for a long-term survival if something occurs that would change the society forever? Have you finally figured out that storing up frozen dried food is not just costly, but also not an excellent plan for long-term survival?

Fortunately, there is an affordable solution to these problems that is relatively easy to build in your back garden. It is called aquaponics, which is a groundbreaking way to guarantee your survival for the long run.

This is a combination of growing fruit and vegetables and  rearing fish, together symbiotically. The fish supply food for the vegetation, while the crops clean the water in the tank enough for the fish to thrive. You may even grow your very own fish food, or place a flashlight above the tank during the night in order to attract bugs and insects. You will never have to clean the tank and water  by yourself.

Prepping Solution for Survival

For a small investment capital, you will be able to build an aquaponics system that is effective at feeding your household fresh produce permanently. Aquaponics is the ideal solution to give your family food from your own backyard no matter what comes about to change the society.

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