WEIRD NEWS: Roadkill for Dinner?



weird news roadkill

If you’ve ever spotted an animal carcass on the highway and wanted to know how it tasted, you’re in luck: Hotel Vermont’s “Wild About Vermont” festival is offering the opportunity for attendees to try selections straight from its roadkill grill.

The Burlington-based business will host the festival on Nov. 7, which will also accept wild fish and game donations from locals to serve to members of the community, reports WPTZ News Channel 5.

Attendees who pay the $75 fee will have the chance to try geese, deer, bear, moose and muskrat.

“The idea is to get people connected to their local food sources, but also to showcase the traditions of Vermont,” hotel chef Doug Paine told WPTZ.

More adventurous types may feel inspired to try a different selection. The festival will also supply three animals injured or killed on highways in the vicinity.

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