WEIRD NEWS: Emus on the Loose in Texas Town




Police in Round Rock tried for hours on Thursday to corral four emus on the loose that have been roaming through a residential area in the Austin, Texas, suburb and evading capture, a spokeswoman said.

“It has been one of those days,” Round Rock police spokeswoman Angelique Myers said.

The owner apparently has been identified but police are still not sure how the emus made their way to streets in the city of about 110,000 people, she said.

“These animals are considered feral fowl. If you see an emu, do not feed it or try to contain it. These animals can be very dangerous. They are considered wildlife and should be left alone,” Round Rock police wrote on their Facebook page.

Police have set up roadblocks to corral the animals, or steer them away from places where people are.

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