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Water Contamination Report: Record Highs Reached And Still On The Rise….Should You Be Concerned?



Water Contamination

Water is literally the lifeblood of our planet…without it, we do not exist… Unfortunately we are in a downward spiral of water contamination that is about to cause massive problems.

Like most people you probably think you're safe.  You believe that tap water coming from your kitchen sink will always be fresh, clean, crisp, and cold?

Think again…

Fracking, oil spills, and “legal chemical dumps” are at an all time high.

Water Contamination By Legal Chemical Discharge

Last Autumn I stood with hundreds and thousands of people in a peaceful way in order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being laid. When Trump stepped up into office he gave the go-ahead for several different pipelines to begin pumping oil. It hasn’t even been a year since the Dakota Access Pipeline began flowing under the Missouri river and there has been a leak.


Water Contamination Report: Top Waterways Affected By “Legal Chemical Discharge”

In 2012 environmentamerica.org released reports containing information regarding water contamination caused by companies with legal permission to dump and discharge the chemicals into the water.

  1. Ohio River: The Ohio River flows through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Over 30 million pounds of toxic chemicals were dumped there.
  2. Mississippi River: The Mississippi flows through Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Over 12 million pounds of chemicals were dumped.
  3. New River: Flows through North Carolina and Virginia. Over 12 million pounds discharged.
  4. Savannah River: The Savannah River flows through Georgia and South Carolina. Over 9 million pounds of toxic chemicals were released.
  5. Delaware River: This river flows through Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with over 6 million pounds of chemicals dumped.
  6. Muskingum River: This river is located in Ohio and over 5 million pounds of chemicals were released into it.
  7. Missouri River: Flowing through Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Over 4 million pounds of chemical filled waste was dumped.
  8. Shonka Ditch: Located in Nebraska with over 4 million pounds of chemicals discharged.
  9. Tri-county Canal: Also located in Nebraska this little river had over 3 million pounds of toxicity dumped into it.
  10. Rock River: This river flows through Illinois and Wisconsin and had over 3 million pounds of chemicals dumped.


How Do These Chemicals Affect Us & The Environment

Thousands of the chemicals dumped directly into our waterways have been associated with causing developmental disorders, as well as, reproductive disorders and every year it seems as though the research on the effects water contamination is becoming more and more bleak. Also, it would be wise to remember that these are only the effects they have on humans so it can only be expected that these issues also affect the fish and other wildlife.  There are more reports now than ever that fish are disappearing and there are also claims that the Gulf of Mexico is completely dead. It was depleted through oil leaks and other contamination.

All life on our planet depends on our waterways. The Missouri River alone supports millions of people’s drinking water. Take a look at the residents in Flint, Michigan and the whole entire Navajo Nation. They have been without clean drinking water for years. The waters in some areas are flammable due to the amount of gases leaked through fracking and drilling. Our water is a fragile ecosystem and if we do nothing… soon all of the waterways that we need to survive will be destroyed due to contamination and legal dumping of chemicals.

What then, will become of us?

We have a new POTUS in the Whitehouse, and it seems like he has a lot of changes to be made… His decisions in the coming years will have an echoing effect on our future.

Water contamination is a worldwide problem… How can we possibly help?

Stay on top of the environmental news and follow the oil, fracking, and big corporations to be sure we know what is really going on. Look outside the local news sources, after all, WE are the media. We have to stand together as one nation and demand a change and if we don’t get it we continue fighting for the greater good.

  • Stop investing in the companies that are a part of the issue.
  • Divest from banks who invest in the companies.
  • Switch to solar, wind or water power.
  • Prepare.

Water is Life! Without it all life will cease and the planet will die. Be the change you wish to see! Happy Surviving!

VICE News gives a video of the pipeline nation – America's broken industry: 

Water Contamination Report: Record Highs Reached And Still On The Rise....Should You Be Concerned?

What do you think about the legal chemical discharge in our waterways?? Is water contamination a concern for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Here's an article about not to drink the water because the Animas River was contaminated!

Be prepared for anything and make sure you're not caught without water with this method.

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