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Fish Like a Redneck 26 Wacky Fishing Tips



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Here are wacky fishing tips for you so you can fish like a redneck. For ease of execution, you need to keep in mind that fishing is an art. And just like all artists, fishermen all have their own set of tricks to get the job done. With this in mind, we compiled a list of these redneck-approved fishing tips that we bet your fishing buddies have never seen.

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1 Wacky Fishing Tips That Will Make You Fishing Like A Redneck

Wacky Fishing Tips That Will Make You Fishing Like A Redneck


Unique Fishing Tips and Tricks

From creative fishing lures to improvised fish hooks, we have the wackiest and most useful fishing tips that will have you REELing with excitement. You won’t be able to wait to get out there and show off these new hacks. Go try out these unique fishing tips and impress your fellow fishers with the number of crazy tricks you have up your sleeve. To fish like a pro, read on and discover our unique fishing tips and tricks.

1. Keep your fish hooks organized with safety pins.


Fish Like a Redneck Wacky Fishing Tips

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Sort the different sizes of fishing hooks in your tackle box by using a safety pin. This will also help keep your hooks organized. Simply insert the needle point into the eye of the hook until you fill the whole pin. Works like a charm!

2. Vacuum seal your first aid pack to keep it safe from water damage.

Our stuff sometimes falls into the water when we go fishing. Keep your first aid kit dry in a vacuum seal preserving it when you need it most. Plus, it keeps things organized. You can toss in your fire starting kit if you like!

3. Keep salmon eggs on the hook with a little table salt.

See full instructions.

4. Become a master of all fishing knots.

Fish Like a Redneck Wacky Fishing Tips | Fishing Hooks


See full instructions.

5. Use an earplug as your bobber.

See full instructions.

6. Use wine corks as slide bobbers.

Fish Like a Redneck Wacky Fishing Tips | Wine Corks

Full instructions here.

7. Create an easy paracord trotline.

See full instructions.

8. Use an empty drink pouch to store your stink bait.

See full instructions.

9. Wrap your rods with bungee balls to keep them organized.

See full instructions.

10. Keep a dental pick handy to deal with the backlash.

See full instructions.

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11. Turn a can tab into a fishing hook.


See full instructions.

12. Use a baby wipes dispenser as a mini bate ice chest.

See full instructions.

13. Notch a paddle to easily grab your decoys.

See full instructions.

14. Use a pool noodle to protect the bottom of your canoe from damage.

See full instructions.

fishpod videothumb

15. Add a nail in the head of your plastic worm bait to create more movement to lure in those basses.

See full instructions.

16. Use a wine cork to keep your sunglasses afloat.

See full instructions.

17. Create your own primitive fishing spear.

Full instructions here.

18. Use a tic tac box as a small bait dispenser.

See full instructions.

19. Spit on your bait.

There’s some debate about whether there’s any science behind this or if it’s just an old wives tale, but it’s worth a try!

20. Keep a hook and leader safely stored in a matchbook.

Fish Like a Redneck Wacky Fishing Tips | Matchbox

See full instructions.

21. Make a pocket-sized tackle box.

See full instructions.

22. Keep bobbers secured in place using an egg carton.

Fish Like a Redneck Wacky Fishing Tips | Egg Carton

See full instructions.

23. Store your nightcrawlers in a dig-proof container.

See full instructions.

24. Add a bobber to your handle for a sink-proof fillet knife.

See full instructions.

25. Keep a letter opener handy to cut braided line.

See full instructions.

26. Keep your spool tidy with a drink koozie.

See full instructions.


Check out more redneck fishing tips from TAFishing:

Fishing is an art and to rednecks, these tricks are what make it a masterpiece. Try them on your next trip to the lake or sea!

Got other awesome wacky fishing tips? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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