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The Universal CRMB by Beez Combat Systems



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The Universal CRMB by Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems recently released the Chest Rig MOLLE Belt or CRMB for short, as an addition to chest rigs manufactured by BCS.  However, with extensive research, study, and testing of chest rigs designed by ALL manufacturers worldwide Beez Combat Systems is proud to announce the release of the ‘Universal Chest Rig MOLLE Belt, aka Universal CRMB.’

The Universal CRMB by Beez Combat Systems is designed to replace the pre-existing belt from ANY chest rig to add additional gear, tools, or munitions.  This allows Beez Combat Systems to provide the technological advances from their gear and apply it to any chest rig regardless of the manufacturers’ origin.  The Beez Combat Systems’ Universal CRMB will attach to chest rigs from popular distributors such as Condor, Voodoo Tactical, NcSTAR, and even 5.11. Much like the CRMB, the Universal CRMB features:

  • A dual padded interior with 3 rows x 4 columns of MOLLE webbing
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible webbing
  • Genuine Cordura materials
  • MIL-Spec thread and Velcro
  • A 1” strap to ensure a universal fit
  • Fits 30” waist size and larger

The Universal CRMB also features a sewn in tri-glide fastener on either side in order to ensure comfort and durability once the male buckles have been replaced from the previous belt.

Attaching the Universal CRMB: Step by Step

Attaching the Universal CRMB is extremely easy and a step by step video is also available below.  The first step includes removing the tri-glide fasteners and the male buckles from the previous belt belonging to the current chest rig.  In the video, a chest rig made by Condor is used as an example.  Once removed, the previous tri-glide fasteners do not need to be used so they may be either discarded or kept to add to the survival supply box for later use.

The Universal CRMB includes 1” straps in order to fit any size buckle belonging to any chest rig.  In this case, the chest rig made by Condor included nylon straps roughly 1 ½” in width which can be seen in the video below.  This concluded no problem whatsoever as the 1” strap provided by Beez Combat Systems’ Universal CRMB held together snug once passed through the male buckle.

Once the male buckle is looped through the 1” strap reverse the strap back into the tri-glide fastener sewn into the MOLLE on the Universal CRMB.  Once fully adjusted the straps will pull together snugly and tightly on either side.

Once the Universal CRMB is attached to your chest rig, make the final adjustments by loosening or tightening the belt at the waist where the dual pads meet.  Be sure to not have the belt too tight as to become uncomfortable over time and not too loose as to offset both cold and hot weather clothing.

Field Tested

A comfortable amount of weight can be placed on either side of the Universal CRMB in order to accommodate your personal needs while out on the range or in the field.  There are no limitations as to what you can attach to the Universal CRMB.  Whether you are left or right handed a pistol holster and magazine holsters fit comfortably on either side of the hips as well as dump pouches, IFAK’s, and even utility pouches offset the weight added to the opposite side.

Regardless of what chest rig you prefer by whatever manufacturer the Universal Chest Rig MOLLE Belt, CRMB, by Beez Combat Systems will add even more gear and munitions to your already pre existing setup.

Beez Combat Systems

Be sure to check out Beez Combat Systems at, and tune into their Facebook page and Twitter.

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Beez Combat Systems Chest Rig MOLLE Belt (CRMB)

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To Learn More About the CRMB, Check Out the Video Below!


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