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Review of the Überleben Leicht Ferro Rod Necklace



There are various, viable, methods to use when fire building. Being well versed in several of those methods is a must if we strive to fully be prepared. One of my favorite ways to start a fire is with a ferro rod. With a ferro rod, we have a fire starter that is much more forgiving then using matches and or lighters. Weather, wind & even dampness can be easily battled when starting a fire with a ferro rod. There are various ferro rods to choose from in the market. They come in all sorts of sizes and applications. It is all about choosing what will work best for your needs.

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Recently I was sent an Überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace to review. I have reviewed other Überleben ferro rods in the past that are much bigger and practical for fire starting. But as a backup, this Überleben Leicht Necklace is definitely something to consider adding to your survival kit. It is super lightweight, comes with attached to paracord and most importantly it works! This necklace would not be my go-to ferro rod while I am in the field but if I misplace my regular fire starter it is nice to know that I can have this ferro rod strapped to my mollie setup on my pack or even worn around my neck.

This ferro rod necklace will send out a spark at over 5500° F and will last for over 12,000 strikes. Now, that is a lot of fire starting for a relatively inexpensive price. If you are in the market for a backup fire starter, take a close look at this Überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace. It may be a great solution for your lifestyle.

ferro-rod-necklace Review of the Überleben Leicht Ferro Rod Necklace


  • Up to 12,000 strikes from 5/16″ x 1″ mini ferro rod toggle, with sparks at 5,500º F (3,000º C) to ignite a fire in any weather (even wet), at any altitude.
  • Ultralight; weighs less than 1oz. Perfect wearable backup for your fire kit.
  • Breakaway buckle clasp allows for easy resize. Simply “cut & burn” paracord, and re-attach.
  • Includes mini ferrocerium rod, serrated ring scraper, and 34″ of mil-spec 550 paracord lanyard for neck carry.
  • Perfect for Bushcraft, Firecraft, Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Bugout, EDC / Every Day Carry, Emergency, Survival, Campfire, BBQ, Gas Camp Stoves, etc.
  • Dimensions: 0.25 x 1 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 0.05lbs.
  • Color: Black Death
  • Disclaimer: “Fire Is HOT!”

If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this ferro rod, please use the link below to help support this site:

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Review of the Überleben Leicht Ferro Rod Necklace


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