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Dehydrated Foods to Try This Weekend



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Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack, food for an upcoming camping trip, or non-perishable items to add to your emergency food supply, dehydrated food is the answer.

Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and meats have a long shelf life, making dehydrated food great to stockpile as part of your emergency food supply. Dehydrated foods last much longer than their fresh counterparts.

These foods are also lightweight, making them great to take along on camping trips and hikes. A snack of dried fruit or jerky can provide a great energy boost when you’re out in the bush.

The health factor is an added bonus as well. Dehydrated foods provide vital nutrients, vitamins and protein. They're a healthy alternative to pre-packaged snacks stuffed with chemicals and GMO.

15 Dehydrated Foods to Try This Weekend

Our friends and homemade recipes have put together a collection of great dehydrated food recipes. These recipes are quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly, they taste good.

Check out the excerpt below, and click here for the full list of recipes.

5. Dehydrated Tomatoes

Sun dried or dehydrated tomatoes are one of those recipes that has been around for ages. Sun dried tomatoes are delicious in salads, in pasta, and make a great camping on the go snack. Did you know you can make smoked, and roasted sun dried tomatoes right in your dehydrator? Check out this creative and yummy homemade sun dried tomato recipe!

via bevcooks

9. Cheesy Kale Chips

Kale is rich in antioxidants like quercetin, beta carotene and loads of flavonoids.  It is also a good source of vitamin C, minerals, folate and other B vitamins. As kale is so extraordinarily rich in antioxidants, it helps to reduce oxidation stress and may help in the prevention of inflammatory conditions. Check out how to add a little flair to your kale diet. Don’t miss our delicious cheesy kale recipe over on the little green dot.

via ourlittlegreendot

via Homemade Recipes.

These are only two of the many options of dehydrated foods you can make.

If you haven't invested in a dehydrator yet, now might be the time to being considering it. Not only can you make quick and healthy snacks, but it would be a valuable tool for making your own non-perishable food for a SHTF situation.

All of these recipes have been tried and tested by our friends at Homemade Recipes and are guaranteed to hit the spot.

Click here for the full article.

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  1. Sam

    November 1, 2014 at 7:26 PM

    Hardtack is a dried bread, pemmican is preserved fat. A healthy diet requires carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

    • Keith Taylor

      February 28, 2018 at 9:56 AM

      You don’t need carbohydrate(!) or ANY plant material, for that matter. I have been eating meat (plenty of internal organs), eggs, some fish, cheese, poultry and fried fat. Everything is fried in fat. I had a mild stroke a few months ago when I agreed to eat some green beans, but reversed the semi-paralysis of my right side within two weeks by adding MORE fat! A doctor I consulted for pain from an old back injury took my blood and couldn’t find anything wrong: my cholesterol levels are normal for my age (69 years old). It is carbohydrate that causes diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and a host of other ills … besides, NOBODY who has not been bitten by an affected tick is congenitally allergic to red meat – did you know that? Google “meat allergy” and you will find that the allergen is a CARBOHYDRATE component in the meat, known as “alpha gal” (galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose). Some people are born with allergies to all kinds of vegetative material, but not to meat and fat! That should tell you something, methinks.

  2. Nicole Blanckenberg

    November 2, 2014 at 4:36 AM

    These are awesome recipes – pity your article doesn’t offer advice about where to get food dehydrators! I found the Best Rated Food Dehydrators list on Comparaboo very helpful, if any one else needs some advice. They also have a full buying guide with some great tips! Food Dehydrators are indeed are a vital for building up emergency food supply!

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