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How To Stay Hydrated In The Wild



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Accidentally finding yourself stranded or lost in the wild is both a scary thought and a highly possible scenario. No matter how experienced you are, everyone is subjected to certain circumstances that are far beyond their control. Whether you’re a casual picnicker or a veteran outdoorsman, you might now always be prepared for what nature has in store.

In a survival situation, water is one of your most vital needs. It is with this in mind that we suggest some tips for learning how to find/gather/purify water in the wild.

To maintain good health, the human body needs a minimum of two quarts of water per day. In the wild, chances are that you’ll be exerting yourself a bit more than usual. It’s also a possibility that the climate might be more extreme than you are accustomed too. These factors cause  your body to use up the water you consume even faster than usual.

Here are some tips for staying hydrated in the wild. Read more here.


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Finding Water In The Wild


Dehydration Facts


How To Gather Water In The Wild


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