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Feature | Advantages of Living in an Off Grid Tiny Cabin

If living the city life is taking a toll on you and you want the bills to stop coming, listen to the advantages of living off-grid in a tiny cabin. You might consider it one day or sooner!

Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Living Might Be for You

We are only now being forced to look at the flaws of our American way of life. The push towards bigger, better, and more have created a framework that makes us incredibly dependent and vulnerable. Let me give you just one simple example.

American’s work hard and we buy big houses and big cars that we can barely afford. Because of this lifestyle, we must make big salaries. These big salaries assure that we cannot task, even those who make minimum wage, to make many of the small trinkets we desire.

Instead, we have outsourced manufacturing to China. And now we see the fault in that move glowing like a neon sign.

We are dependent on a communist dictatorship to make our medicines, tires, PPE, tools, military parts, and pieces, and so much more. If we look at China as a potential threat, and you would be crazy not to, having your enemy make your goods makes no sense!

Would McDonald's ever want Burger King to freeze and ship their burgers for them?

While it’s easy to write all this off on greedy corporations. It's fun, too! If we weren’t buying the big SUVs and the massive houses and taking big vacations to resorts, we wouldn’t have to make such big salaries.

The cost of living wouldn’t be so exorbitant and maybe, we wouldn’t need a currency manipulating communist state to make all of our goods.

Enter the Off-Grid Tiny Cabin

For many reasons, people young and old are stepping into the world of tiny home living. Most of these people recognize the struggles our modern society creates. We find ourselves battling a never-ending wave of bills and debt.

The youngest of the tiny home pioneers are also escaping the shackles of outrageous college debt. They have discovered an interesting living equation.

They have decided to take on a career that they truly enjoy, rather than depend on a higher salary they may or may not gain from schooling they forgo the massive debt of college and buy a tiny home outright with a couple of years of saved money.

This eliminates the two biggest monthly costs that our young people face: College Debt and Mortgage.

These off-grid tiny cabins can be placed on small plots of land and allow you to spend more time traveling, home with family, saving money or doing more of what you want! Isn’t that the ultimate pay off?

Independence from the Systems

Be it power, food production or even tap water, you are connected in some way to a massive system that can fail you and can be used to control you. If you don’t think that food can be used to control you, well, just wait until things get scarce here in America.

The same way they hang money over your head, they will dangle food.

These tiny homes often feature solar panels, water, and fuel tanks on board. While these are not things you can completely separate yourself from, what if you create your tiny home with a wood stove, heater and place it near a high elevation creek where the water can be filtered and boiled for safety?

The fact is a well-planned tiny cabin can be making you much more independent. Add to the property a garden and a flock of chickens and you could really be living a rewarding life and one that changes the way you look at this world!

What Really Matters?

This pandemic has caused many Americans to take an inventory of what really matters. They are spending more time with their family members and understanding how much they are missing. To support the big house and the many vehicles you must sell your time for money at a job you probably don’t really like.

The biggest advantage of the tiny house or cabin is you can dictate what you do with your time. You get to change your motivations and your focus. While you will be living in a tighter space you will own more of your time.

The location of these tiny off-grid cabins also harkens to what really matters. Most of the time, you place a house like this further out from big cities and conveniences. Most of the people who live this way tend to appreciate the real world.

An appreciation of the natural world is something that seems to be smoldering in the population. Outdoor adventure is a massive industry as more people are paying attention to a world that has been mostly hidden from those in suburban and city life.

The off-grid tiny cabin can be built on land deep in the woods or on the outskirts of town.

Living Without the Bills

Conclusion | Advantages of Living in an Off Grid Tiny Cabin

A decade ago, you would have looked at the off-grid tiny cabin and you probably would have thought it a smaller and trashy version of a trailer. Be honest. Now, I hope, you understand the benefits of living this way.

Of course, there are tremendous challenges when it comes to living off-grid, too. We would be fooling you if we didn’t mention them. In most cases, it takes tremendous conservation and abandonment of your old way of living.

However, if you plan it out and assure you have the things you truly need, you can live a life of abundance without all the bills!

Have you ever tried off-grid living? How was your experience? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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1 Comment

  1. Tammie Houston

    August 24, 2021 at 5:54 PM

    I’m glad you mentioned how living in an off-grid cabin can help you become more independent. Having full access and control to the amenities you need is great since you don’t have to worry about power systems failing or food shortages since you make all of those in your backyard like they did in the old days. Me and my husband are looking through some cabins for sale so that we can start our own cabin living lifestyle out in the woods. We hope to have a taste of that independence we so rarely get these days, the experience will really be hard and yet liberating at the same time.

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