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This international group of adventurous hammockers come to Monte Piana in Italy every year in a demonstration of peace and friendship. They slackline, lounge in their hammocks, and even play music suspending hundreds of feet off the ground!

Their picturesque mountain top space was chosen specifically back when the tradition first began in 2012 because of it's past violent history. Monte Piana is the location of a terrible battle which killed 18,000 young soldiers back in WWI.

Each year, more people join this incredible event to celebrate and meet like-minded adventurers.

Last year, photographer Sebastian Wahlhütter joined the group and captured some of the incredible views for the rest of us who didn't make it out this year.

And according to Wahlhütter, the hammocking experience isn't as terrifying as it looks. “I can remember the first time going to sit on a highline, and it was really an intense experience. Once you are in the hammock, it's perfect, and you get a feeling of freedom; even though it's so exposed, relaxing is not a problem.”

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For the average Joe, roasting a lot of s'mores is enough to make the camping experience more exciting. Still others would gather round the campfire at night and tell each other stories.

Thrillseekers however, take it to the next level. Some like to camp and hunt, getting some sense of achievement at the end of the day, butchering the game and cooking it over the fire.

Extreme campers are not satisfied with the normal camping activities. They like taking risks and so they decide to pitch tents on the side of cliffs thousands of feet from the ground. Imagine sleeping overnight suspended in midair with your life hanging by a rope. What if that extra-tough rope gave while you were sleeping, or some strong winds try to blow you off the rock face?

Different strokes for different folks, and this applies to camping as well.

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