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How to Choose Most Efficient Tactical Battle Belts



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Battle belts are as important as guns. Soldiers wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing one in combat. But whether you are a combatant or an ordinary civilian, this tactical gear can also be useful in your everyday war for survival.

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What Do You Need A Battle Belt For?

Designed to organize soldiers’ warfare essential, a battle belt is basically a piece of combat gear. It is used to secure equipment such as guns, ammunition, and medical kits. The idea is for the fighter to easily access these tools when the need arises.

Let us say you are living in a violence-prone area crawling with hardened criminals. Would you let your guard down and entrust the safety of your loved ones to the police alone? In a scenario when one should always be prepared for potential life-threatening surprises, wearing battle belts would be necessary.

The Inevitability of Combat In A Violent WorldDanger terrorist for the world-battle belts

A Metallica song called “Don’t Tread on Me” has a lyric that goes “To secure peace is to prepare for war.” We couldn’t agree more with these metal demi-gods. In a perfect world, crime is non-existent.

However, we don’t obviously don’t live in such Utopia. The bitter truth is, we are in constant danger from our own kind. Owning battle belts is far from simple paranoia but rather, it is a case of dealing with reality. Better safe than sorry or worse, dead.

Battle Belts for BeginnersHunting belt for accessories on a mannequin, isolated-battle belts

It is not uncommon for unwitting civilians to confuse tactical belts with battle belts and vice versa. Yet these two gears could not be more different. The former is narrower and designed for concealment while the latter is wider and intended for heavier loads.

Since battle belts are tailor-made to carry heavier items, it is more durable and ergonomically designed to maintain proper posture.  But the main logic behind this particular design is to enable users faster and easier access to items attached to the belt.

Not Strictly A Soldier ThingMilitary-tactical-belt-with-velcro-fastening-system-wearing-on-a-man-battle-belts

The common notion is, battle belts are strictly for enlisted persons. Of course, the truth is the opposite. Tactical gears designed for survival use are now available for civilians.

It is important though to first research state and federal legislation on the use of tactical gear in public. Laws may vary from state to state. To be safe, you can consult lawyers and other persons who are experts on this particular matter.

3 Reasons to Own A Battle BeltHunter man stands with a belt of ammunition and a gun in his hands. A hunter with cartridges on his belt stands in the forest-battle belts

1.Battle Belts are Efficient Defense Gears

In a free-for-all melee, a battle belt equipped with combat essentials would come in handy. In case of a home invasion, the advantage is yours if you can easily access weapons for self-defense.

2.Battle Belts Could Save Lives

Not only that a battle belt could function as your first line of defense, but it can also literally keep you alive. Equipped with IFAKs or individual first aid kits, this wearable gear is a life-saver. A belt with a medical pouch would spell the difference between you surviving and not surviving.

3.Battle Belts are Relatively Affordable

Well, actually not all battle belts are cheap. But if you do some digging online, you can find one that would suit your budget. Also, affordable does not have to mean low-quality as you will find out later.

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Factors to Consider in Buying the Best Battle BeltsEveryday carry (EDC) items for men - opened folding knife, tactical flashlight and black belt on dark silver grey background-battle belts


The number one factor that one should consider in choosing anything wearable is comfort. A battle belt would be most likely used while performing the most demanding physical tasks. You wouldn’t want a sagging belt to hamper your movement, do you?

An ergonomically sound battle belt built with the greatest comfort in mind is what you need. This would be an advantage during an emergency. With minimal or no distraction, you can focus better on any task at hand.


If you are planning to invest in a battle belt, it would be paramount to look for one that is of high quality. Again, cheap doesn’t have to be crappy. Apart from the durability factor, an efficient battle belt also needs to be lightweight for obvious reasons.

Keep in mind, you will be putting extra weight on your belt as you go along. That’s why it would be advisable to get the lightest one possible. The idea is to be able to move with relative ease while wearing a heavily packed battle belt.

3.Attachment System

The capability of a battle belt to accommodate tools and other equipment is what you are paying for. After all, this survival gear is designed so you can attach the most number of items to it. As much as possible, choose battle belts that have the best attachment system.

Regardless of mounting designs standard on battle belts, it is safe to go for one that has the widest space. Wider belt space means more objects you can stick to the belt. Of course, it also has to be equipped with a solid support structure for best performance.

4.Belt System Type

Choosing a suitable belt system type is also an important consideration when buying battle belts. It is not that hard since there are only two main battle belt system types.

First, you have the independent or stand-alone type which you can wear on top of anything. The second type is the inner/outer belt which is designed to be paired with tactical belts. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your preference.


Being a prepper is no dinner party. Your battle belt would be subject to extreme wear and tear. Low-quality gears made from sub-standard materials have no place in this survivalist setting. When hunting for the best battle belts, inspect the material as well as the quality of reinforcements used.

Cobra, Runin Shuto, Blue Alpha, and Condor are just some of the names that come up when it comes to top-rate battle belts. But there are more options you can explore online.

So, there you go! We hope that this article is of great help in your quest for the most efficient battle belts. Happy hunting!

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