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Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive



Are you prepared for your hometown to go from Mayberry to fullscale Martial Law?

With all the events going on in the world right now, we might be a lot closer to the brink that you would think…

Shootings, riots, rising tension and threats from abroad are always hanging over our heads. Any of these situations, if they get out of hand, could easily result in martial law. Governments use everything from terrorist attacks to disease epidemics to racial tension to declare martial law.

We can’t know how or when martial law will happen, but we can educate ourselves on what it is and what to do to survive it.

What is martial law?

Martial law usually occurs during a period of war or civil unrest, when the military is appointed to “restore order” and enforce civil and criminal law. During martial law, civil liberties like the 1st and 2nd amendment go out the window. Police can search you without a warrant. You will have no right to remain silent when questioned. They can remove you from your home and family…all while telling you it’s for your own good.

Put simply–martial law means that the powers that be can replace the constitution with totalitarian, military rule.

Many argue that martial law already exists in the United States. It’s easy to see why. With the ridiculous TSA screenings at the airport and with the police force using tear gas and driving military vehicles, it sometimes seems like martial law is already our reality.

But this is only the beginning…

When will martial law come to the US?

In some ways, it’s already here:

(Via thefreethoughtproject.com)

Click here to see the FULL infographic.

WARNING: once you see it, you’ll never see the police, the government or the military the same EVER again!

We can’t know exactly when martial law might happen, but we can watch for the warning signs:

I do not look for one false flag event designed to move the country into martial law, it is likely that several false flag events will take place, in different regions of the country. The pattern is almost always the same in which the authorities conduct a drill related to terrorism. The drill is used to mask a false flag attack arising from the drill. This happened on 9/11, the 7/7 bombings and most recently, at the Boston Marathon. These drills combined with resulting false flag events will give the administration the ability to incrementally implement martial law in a fashion similar to what happened in with the implementation of illegal martial law in Boston following the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th. The roll out of Boston’s martial law was clearly a beta test for what is coming all across the country. And who could ever forget the images of the federal subjugation of an American city in which we saw troops in the street, curfews imposed and free travel eliminated. Read more…

What can you do to survive martial law?

The prospect of martial law might sound bleak, but remember that there is no situation too challenging for a true survivalist. It could very well be that martial law is “the big one” you’ve been preparing for all along. Many of the survival skills you’ve learned for other situations still apply here. Read on to learn what to do to increase your chances of survival in a martial law situation.

1. Come up with an evacuation plan.

martial law, military law, evacuation plan, emergency preparedness

Always have an evacuation plan ready in the case of martial law or other SHTF event

Rumors or predictions from experts may alert you to impending martial law. Families living in cities should use the time leading up to the declaration to plan and practice an evacuation to a shelter away from populated areas.  Make sure your vehicle gas tank is always full and store disaster supplies in the trunk of the car. Send survival supplies to the shelter site before evacuation is needed. Read more…

2. Learn to use a weapon, and train your family.

martial law, gun practice, firearm training, self defense

Learn how to handle a firearm and practice often to protect yourself and your family during martial law

Purchase additional firearms and ammunition. Make sure every family member understands how to safely use firearms. Plan to use a silent weapon like a bow and arrow for hunting game so as not attract the attention of anyone nearby. Learn what game lives in your area and how to find it. (Even urban environments have game like squirrels and birds.) Read more…

3. Keep food, weapons, and other supplies hidden.

martial law, gun safe, food storage, military takeover

During a martial law situation, hiding food, weapons and other supplies is essential to survival.

Even if your preps are kept at home they should be hidden well enough to go undetected by the first and even second sweep of your home that the military will conduct. Every home varies in its construction so there are no hard and fast rules but think carefully and act accordingly. Consider caches underground on your property, preferably in areas where disturbed ground is not suspicious. In urban and suburban environments, under flower beds would be a viable position. If you have acreage then be careful to keep the ‘lay of the land’ as differences will be noticed. All goods should be stored with avoiding sniffer dogs and metal detectors in mind. Read more…

4. Play it cool.

martial law, military takeover, government takeover, survival tips

Though it may be tempting, try not to agitate military officers or do anything suspicious or aggressive

When the military does drop by, hide your contempt. This may go against the grain, but the survival of you and your family is your number one priority. Ask a few questions, but not too many. You need to be the grey man, totally unmemorable. Nothing you say or do, nothing about the way you look should make you memorable. Keep a cheap weapon and a few rounds to handover for when you are asked to hand over your weapons. Read more…

5. Trust no one.

martial law, government takeover, government officials, martial law survival

During martial law, trust no one but your closest friends and family — and especially don’t trust government officials.

Never take the government’s word at face value-except when they tell you that they’ll kill you. Government-it’s components of career politicians, bureaucratic vermin, and SS ninja wannabes live, have lied. For a lot longer than you’d think. It’s the very job; being part of an empire wrapped in the cloak of American political traditions of Freedom, that corrupts. All that power, attracting the most venal along with the most patriotic to defend America. All that license under ever mutable law written by money whores to lie, steal, embezzle, blackmail, extort, poison, torture, enslave, murder. Read more…

6. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

martial law, military takeover, government takeover, survival tips

During martial law, it is important to know your surroundings in case you need to hide or escape.

Whether it’s your home, property or encampment you need to have a plan. Take security into account as well as a good escape or evasion plan. Never get pigeonholed or pinned into a corner, have multiple escape routes if need be ultimately leading to your primary remote bug-out location. If more people than yourself are involved, make sure and have a group plan with back up plans. Take pets into consideration and make accommodations at all costs as they are part of your family too. Read more…

7. Have plenty of food and water stored up.

martial law, military takeover, food storage, disaster preparedness

Start storing food NOW to prepare for martial law or other disaster

With regard to storing food, you need to do so immediately. I recommend storing two years worth of food. However, you would be wise if you would create a hiding place in which you can store food and water safely in a hidden location.  If you are ever robbed, you will not have exhausted your food supplies.  You are most likely to be robbed by FEMA or one of their mercenary groups (e.g. Academia) during the beginning of the crisis because food and water will be used as weapons to control you. I am personally aware of FEMA going to selected homeowners to catalogue their reserve food and water supplies. Read more…

8. Have a safe room.

martial law, military takeover, government takeover, survival tips, safe room, hiding place

Having a safe room is crucial in the event of martial law or SHTF

If the worst happens and your home is breached, you need to have a room into which family members can escape.  This room needs to have a heavy exterior door instead of a regular hollow core interior door. There should be communications devices in the room so that the person can call for help, as well as a reliable weapon to be used in the event that the safe room is breached. The family members should be instructed not to come out of that room FOR ANY REASON until you give them the all clear or help has arrived. Read more…

These are just a few of the precautions you can take in the event of martial law.

Of course, all the basics still apply: keep plenty of guns and ammo, food and water, etc. Prepare for an EMP or power outage by having alternatives to electronic devices. Keep your family together and make sure everyone knows their part in your survival plan.

Just like all disasters, martial law could happen at any time. That doesn’t mean we should live in fear, but it does mean we should take the proper steps now so we know what to do when it happens.

Martial Law | Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive

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  2. David

    December 18, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    Even in rural environs, it’s nearly impossible to hide yourself or anything else, if a concerted effort is made to find you. The resources of para- and military agencies are the stuff of science fiction movies. Drones, large and small, will be used, and most people will never know they are being watched, day or night.

    Having said that, the logic of making effort to survive is such a deep-seated drive in us, that it can’t be ignored. Learn as much about survival skills, camping and hunting as possible now, when it is still easy to do. Don’t wait until you have to rely on an untested skill.

  3. Sargent Slaughter

    December 18, 2014 at 11:38 AM

    Desent artical but you left out some critical information. The information I am talking about that since Bush 1 every President has had the authority to declare Marshell Law for almost no reason and if called National Gaurd units in every state have standing order to confiscate all excess food and water, and all fire arms from all citizens. in other words if you have been prepping you are as much on the list as any gun owner.

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  5. don

    December 18, 2014 at 1:20 PM

    I am in bad health ( heart ) and need surgery, I can only hope the people of this country are well armed if they need to be. Will i be allowed to stay in my home during recovery, if i survive the sugary? Will they confiscate my property?

    • St.Morris

      December 19, 2014 at 12:17 AM

      Hell no. If the shtf day comes the business infrastructure will be severely damaged and business will not be capable of operation as usual. That shtf scenario will affect people in all social levels. The workers bees in all businesses will be scrambling for their own survival.

  6. Viet Vet

    December 18, 2014 at 1:51 PM

    My hidey is so far off the grid that you have to go 5 miles to find the nearest blacktop road. I’m on a dirt path off a very seldom used dirt road. But I sit on the largest aquifer in the southwest. Besides enough food to feed 40 people for 13 months I have 10 million seeds plus dairy goats, rabbits, chickens and a couple of pigs. As far as defense well the only thing I worry about is a nuke.

    • halon

      December 18, 2014 at 2:40 PM

      Or your hidey hole was secret until you just told everyone that might look here that you have one.
      But on a reality note. If you add all the FEMA, National Guard, Police and military folks together you have a group that represents less than 1% of the population. Now subtract the ones that aren’t on US shores. Now look at how well the government has handled environmental caused disasters as a clue to how “prepared” they are. If you live in a big city perhaps you can expect to have someone show up because thats where they will be headed first. But don’t expect their “help” if you don’t. If you aren’t near a city with a major airport the chance they will get to your house any time soon during a time of Marshall Law is close to nil.

    • cliff

      December 19, 2014 at 11:58 AM

      Thanks for your service…I also am a Vietnam Vet ’66-’67.. Is there any homestead property where you are at??? I really am looking to get off the grid ASAP..I’m in Arizona presently..How far away do you reside? If it’s possible get back with me…Thanks,,cliff

    • SortingHat

      January 26, 2015 at 8:20 AM

      Thanks for telling us! How about next putting up a neon sign! Now the government knows where to find you when Obama or whoever fake Republican dork after him decides to pull the kill switch to protect us from Muslim *terrorist* as a disguise.

  7. St.Morris

    December 19, 2014 at 12:10 AM

    i think you are way over the edge about martial law. In reality it will not be “them against us”. I really worry more about the unprepared felons and desparados than some soldier trying to go to every single home in every single town to confiscate weapons. The liberal morons in every state keep reducing felonies to misdemeanors and letting the poor misunderstood unemployable felons out of jail. They have NO survival skills other than taking from those who have been preparing. Martial may occur in some areas where civil law can’t be maintained but it can’t be everywhere…there just aren’t enough soldiers. Most of the coppers in my town have been prepping longer than me. Most soldiers are just like us but the mass of criminals don’t really care. You should be more concerned about anarchy and not about the 10-33 program which in all probability will end up saving us.

    • $ nooker

      January 21, 2015 at 9:31 PM

      Do you know of groups in tn

  8. left coast chuck

    December 19, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    Hey, boys and girls, Marshall Law is a reserve deputy in the Idaho panhandle. Martial (pertaining to the military) law is what the president or governor declares in regions where those idiots think the military can help. Let’s all keep that in mind so that when we post we don’t look like we just got off the plane from Affgannystan or are posting from XingZhou China.

    I read a prepper book a while back where the author who alleges that he was a major in the army and that his epic work was proofread for errors by a ltcdr in the nary and a major in the air force and all I can say is that they must have slept through their classes on the UCMJ because he kept referring to Marshall Law all through his book, the idiot. I didn’t expect the squid or the zoomie to know about laagering but evidently the dogface never spent any time with either the motor pool or an armored unit because he also kept referring to loggering the vehicles. Duhhh. Any idiot knows loggering is when you are a logger and you go out in the woods and do loggering. Don’t you hate it when some doofus tries to come off like he really knows his material and uses jargon like an expert and all he does is make himself look like a complete numbskull?

  9. Brian Maday

    December 20, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    In response to item #3 above… If true Martial Law is declared, I am not at ALL sure I want to “Hide my Weapons”. If they plan to enter, THEY WILL. I want to be ready to ‘take as many of them out as possible’ before I give my life for my Country.

    MARTIAL LAW is the beginning of the end, and once enacted, it is pure WAR between Citizens and those who go against their SOLUMN OATH to “Protect the Constitution”. To me, ANY law that goes against this VIOLATES this oath – thereafter, it is my DUTY to fight to the death for my country. If I die, my conscience will be clear.

    For those who are willing to give up Freedom and Liberty, follow all instructions above. I am ‘Older’ and not worried about “LIVING THROUGH HELL”. True Patriotic Citizens CAN beat Martial Law is they FIGHT IT TO THE END.

    • Matt V

      December 20, 2014 at 2:58 PM

      When that time comes, we do also have to be smart about how we conduct our business. For instance, if soldiers or police enter your home in search of weapons to seize, don’t give them away, “lead first”. Instead, hide away your good guns and just give them some lesser guns that you won’t necessarily miss. This will keep you alive and give you time to plan for the next course of action. Besides, if all gun owners had that mindset, the enemy would have already won the war. Lets face it, the government has 10 times the firepower and equipment as the average citizen. So thinking you’ll be able to take on a squad of soldiers or a SWAT team single-handed is pretty silly. They’ll have backup, you wont.

  10. Larry

    December 20, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    You forgot that most law enforcement and military personnel have family and friends too. They will not be as willing to carry out orders given to them. Also most of the military/law enforcement hate Obummer and his staff so they will not be willing to enforce anything they say.
    I also have an idea of how to make a reusable EMP weapon that does not use explosives so the playing field can be made a little more level. 🙂

    • Bob

      December 27, 2014 at 10:19 AM

      Tell us more about the EMP device. I am aware that there has been success making weak (toy?) portable devices, but the energy discharge rated capacitors that seem to be required for larger units are quite heavy. Switching converters can be used from batteries, but the batteries are also heavy and it would require time to pre-charge to fire the unit. EMP would be ineffective against diesel vehicles, once started. Any ideas?

    • Tsandi Crew

      October 5, 2015 at 8:44 AM

      A Faraday cage is very easy to construct and ground. It will deflect an EMP and protect your technology. But it must be grounded. Look it up.

  11. obsidian

    December 20, 2014 at 4:14 PM

    Simple, be a mouse, don’t take your guns to town.

    • obsidian

      December 20, 2014 at 4:16 PM

      Keep them at home and have someone in the group cover you with a gun and wait till you leave town.

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  14. Cleve Henderson

    February 12, 2021 at 9:11 PM

    1. What I learned is there is a lot of private food stored in the port for export, not at rural silos. When the investigators come to my house to register me in the urban population, the first thing I will say is, “Do you know where I can get any food?” Poor rural folks will never get the chance to ask that question. 2. A Faraday cage isn’t so easy to build if you do not have good math skills. 3. Look at the declassified video of air burst nukes. That is all a neutron bomb. The nuclear reaction takes about 15 minutes, not being extinguished by dirt from the crater. Do not stay under it looking up! Really hot neutrons in that plasma!

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    April 15, 2023 at 7:01 PM

    When has there been a valid reason for declaring NATIONWIDE martial law lately? It was not done after 9/11
    Or after the Okla. city fed courthouse bombing.


    February 5, 2024 at 9:51 PM

    When has there ever been a valid reason for declaring NATIONWIDE martial law in the U.S.?
    It was not declared after 9/11.
    It a hurricane hits Miami; Have you ever heard about martial law being declared in San Diego?

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