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7 Best Survival Uses Of Paper Clips



Survival Uses Of Paper Clips

Not many know that paper clips can be used beyond just clumping papers together. But, these little things can prove handier than you think. Check out the survival uses of paper clips below!

Survival Uses of Paper Clips You Should Know

Much of survival is about being able to adapt to the situation you are facing.  No matter what kind of environment you are in there are common items that have secret survival uses. Right now, you are likely surrounded by items that could be used for survival or even as improvised weapons!

One item that we often take for granted is the humble paper clip. When you open that drawer and see the collection of paper clips, you probably wonder what you have all these things for. We are living in an increasingly paperless world, so it might seem like they are a waste of space.

Let’s look at some impressive uses for the simple paperclip when it comes to survival.

1. Fishing Hook

One of the most effective ways to use a paper clip for survival as a fishing hook. Most people don’t look at fishing as the incredible survival food source that it is. You will be able to get much more nutrition out of fish than you will from things like foraged roots and tubers.

Paper clips can be easily bent and if you have a multitool you will have no problem making a great hook shape with an eye for tying on the cordage or line. You can even sharpen the end of your hook on a rock if you want a nice sharp point.

2. Splint

Splint | Survival Uses Of Paper Clips

While I wouldn’t count on paper clips to splint a broken leg, it would be perfect to add to a bandage wrap for a finger. Paper clips are a great way to assure that you have a straight finger. It might take server straightened out paper clips that could be taped to the finger before wrapping it, but you would have much more stability than without the splints.

Stuff a few paper clips into your first aid kits, and this will be something you don’t need to worry about!

3. Navigation

It is easy to magnetize a piece of metal and you could use a small magnet to do this to a paper clip. By rubbing metal with a magnet, you will magnetize the metal so long as it doesn’t contain copper, silver, gold.

If you use a piece of the paper clip and magnetize it, you can lay that piece of metal on a leaf and sit that leaf in water.  The magnetized metal will pull to the magnetic north. It will literally spin the leaf in the water.

If you find yourself lost in the wild with minimal kit, this might be just what you need to work your way out of a bad situation and help with navigation.

4. Sewing Needle

While many of us are quick to buy new gear, few know or care to know how to fix it. Repairing gear is the key to extending your resources. Remember, we are hardly going to be able to buy new gear in a situation like SHTF.

In the same way that you can create a sharpened hook, you can create a sharpened sewing needle.  That is a big deal because you can repair all kinds of gear by just using some thread. This could also motivate you to learn a new skill.

5. Antenna

Looking to extend or create a simple antenna? Paper clips are quite easy to manipulate, and you can bend them together to create an antenna for your communications needs. These are very simple to handle and an extended antenna could give you the means to get the word out or in when you need it most.

6. Metal Fix

Something like a broken pair of glasses can be the absolute worst-case scenario if you are not prepared to fix them. By using some simple paper clips, you will have the ability to reinforce simple broken items and fix damaged metal instruments for the short term.

Obviously, paper clips are not going to be a long-term fix for anything, but they might get you out of a pinch in the short term.

7. Hygiene

Hygiene | Survival Uses Of Paper Clips

In SHTF, personal hygiene is going to be incredibly important. You can use something as simple as a paper clip to clean under your fingernails and, carefully, clean your teeth, too! Hygiene will be much more important than you can imagine if you do not have access to doctors and dentists.

Wrap Up

Many like to believe that only the strong will survive. However, the very tale of human dominance on this planet has been the sheer domination of stronger species through our ability to adapt and our ability to use tools.

We have dominated this planet not because we were the strongest but because we can see the value in something as simple as the paper clip. You are surrounded by simple survival tools that might even deserve a place in your homemade survival kits.

Do you have other suggestions on the survival uses of paper clips? Do care to share in the comments section below!

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