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Prepping isn't just about buying all the tools and gadgets you may need in a disaster.  It's also about preparing your mind and understanding what's the best action to take in a given situation.

Survival In Disorderly Mobs

To develop that skill, it's helpful to go over scenarios in your mind. What would you do?  What could go wrong?  Do you have a back up plan?

Check out this video about a survival scenario you may encounter one day.  Do you know what you'd do?

Whenever a major catastrophe strikes the society, this usually causes panic. People fight for food, water, and just about anything for their own survival. A massive scale of evacuation may be enforced by the government authorities. Things can turn bad and become more threatening as hundreds or thousands of people block the streets.

If you suddenly find yourself in the middle of panicked mobs, you need to figure out how to get out of the situation to safety:

Avoid fighting with anyone. Instead, focus on keeping your head down, arms and legs steady, and eyes zero in on your exit. The faster you can step away without being the cause of any commotion, the safer you will be.
Go with the flow, even though this might get you farther from your intended getaway. However, it is still likely you will break free quicker with less injury as opposed to butting heads with numerous running individuals.
Take shelter until the panicked mobs thin out, enough for you to pass through the area again. Keep in mind that shelter means hiding indoors and out of sight, and not standing on the sidelines to watch the crowd passes by.
All things considered, keeping yourself calm is the key to your survival. Rarely does a hysterical make it through a threatening situation unharmed.

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