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7 Simple Survival Techniques That Could Save Your Life



Accidents happen. For those of us that rough it out on our own in the wild, we know all too well that this is a potential reality we face every day. Any good survival man or woman knows that it is best to over-prepared for anything that might come your way in the wild. Stay prepared whether it be weather-related, animal incidents, or making sure that you’ve got the appropriate materials to enact vital survival techniques.

7 Survival Techniques

Read on to discover 7 quick and easy hacks that could save your life:

1. If you’re ever in need of light, or even a little bit of extra warmth, grab an empty soda can and cut out the sides. Place a lit candle inside the can, ensuring that the light will be reflected. This allows not only for more visibility, but it offers additional protection from the elements as well, making for a longer-lasting nighttime glow.

2. In need of a clean water source, but no fresh river in sight?  What you’ll need here is a piece of cloth and two containers. One container will remain empty, and the other will contain your unclean water source. Dip one end of the cloth into the dirty water container, and let the other dangle into the second empty container. Soon enough, you’ll be amazed to discover you have filtered and muck-free water. (Remember to boil it afterwards, though!)

3. Need some quick and easy cooking with little to no effort? All you need to do is grab an empty egg carton and some charcoal. Pack the charcoal into the egg slots and seal up the carton. Light a corner of the container, and you’ve got a homemade grill that’s ready to cook anything from hot dogs, boiling water, to s'mores!

7 Survival Techniques That Could Save Your Life

4. Mosquitoes getting the better of you? A quick combination of household herbs is sure to do the trick and cure you of that itch. While you’ve got your egg-carton grill fired up, drop some basil leaves or rosemary onto the top. Mosquitoes can’t stand the smell and will steer clear far away, leaving you to enjoy your freshly cooked meal.

5. You can never have too many cooking appliances when you’re roughing it outdoors. Let’s add a makeshift solar oven to your culinary collection. Grab an empty cereal box and cut out a fold. Use aluminum foil to wrap the inside of the box and add some additional foil to the top as well. Place any food that needs cooking inside and shut the lid. Give it a few minutes and lift the flap to reveal your solar-charged food (works great on a grilled cheese sandwich!)

6. When SHTF, you may not always have access to your iPhone GPS. Rely on some old-school methods to help point you home. Grab a small piece of metal, such as a needle, and rub it against your clothing several times (a cotton T-shirt works best). Place the needle on a leaf and float it in some water in a bowl. The needle with always point you north. It sounds insane, but it works every time!

7. Finally, if you’re needing a source of heat and light a little more substantial than the soda-can candle, grab another empty Coke can and fill it about halfway with olive oil. Next, find a paper towel and roll it up just a bit, with the top sticking out. Place it into the can and light, and you’ve got yourself a homemade oil lamp. This will last you for hours, whether you’re pitching a tent in the dark or just wanting a reading lamp to pass some time.

To The Point:

These quick survival techniques are all easy to achieve with regular household items and can really help you out in a pinch. Whether or not you were ever in the Scouts, remember the motto: always be prepared!

7 Simple Survival Techniques That Could Save Your Life

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  1. InklingBooks

    June 8, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    Needle Compass Quote: “The needle with always point you north. It sounds insane, but it works every time!”

    Not for me. My homemade compasses never point in any particular direction. They just drift about, as lost as I would be were I to depend on them. Bruton, Coleman, Silva, Suunto, and others make good compasses for under $10. Just make sure to get one big enough to be useful and accurate. The tiny ones are worthless.

    • Dan Bradley

      June 10, 2017 at 2:07 AM

      When trying this there are three things not mentioned;
      1. You have to rub the needle in one direction, not back and forth. So just rub downward to build a charge.
      2. Only rub one end of the needle, that way it will have a specific charge and be polarized.
      3. No other metal nearby, it throws off the magnetism you need to get your needle pointing north.

      That being said, yeah, compasses aren’t that expensive lol

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