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Survive at Home with the Newest Course from Managing Editor of



Survive at home with the expert information shared in the Home Survival Course, the latest program offered by and Managing Editor ‘Above Average’ Joe. The training and guidance in the Home Survival Course will show people how to prepare themselves and their families for any kind of disaster or crisis, and how the legitimate worry of their impending arrival is strengthening.

‘Above Average’ Joe is ashamed to admit it, but he feels America is losing something very important. The value of self-sufficiency has disintegrated to nothing, and people have come to depend on things like grocery stores, gas stations, and government protection. This dependency is at the heart of Joe’s inspiration as he began developing the Home Survival Course, and he hopes it will raise awareness for what he calls a grave concern.

The course assures people it is not too late, and helps them establish the right priorities when it comes to a survival plan. The Survival Life custom is to provide quality information that helps people quickly implement the best practices into their disaster strategies. With the Home Survival Course, they are comprehensively giving a full scale blueprint for ultimate security.

Joe put together training modules that focus on the most important parts of a survival plan, and made them all easily accessible for Home Survival Course members in the online subscriber’s area. Audio recordings, written transcripts, and bonus intelligence reports are all available from any internet-connected device, and can be downloaded, printed, and saved for personal use and reference.

The Home Survival Course that Joe and his team of experts has come up with includes nothing but the raw facts and the critical knowledge that people need to address when survival is on the line. Executing survival tactics without preparation, planning, and practice is nearly impossible, and the Home Survival Course is sure to get people in the right position to get through anything.

Predictions and forecasts are worth something, but proof is priceless. The catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina, and the fictional depictions of apocalyptic futures make a case, but the vulnerabilities of the unprepared are very real and very dangerous.

‘Above Average’ Joe is dedicated to helping folks become as prepared as they possibly can, and the Home Survival Course is the center of his personal plans and steps. The Survival Life motto of “prepare, lead, protect” is followed closely in the course, and with the information inside, people will know how to survive at home no matter what.

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