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Choosing The Right Survival Clothing



Choosing the Right Survival Clothing

Take a look at your wardrobe now and check if you have the right survival clothing. If you don't have enough and need more, here are tips on what you'll need.

Survival Clothing Necessities

The clothing that you wear every day speaks to your level of preparedness. If you are wrapped up in suits, dresses, heels, and smooth-soled leather shoes, you are going to have a real problem if an emergencies strike.

There are tiers of survival clothing that can make your day to day life easier and can even prepare you for the worst-case scenarios. You should have a little bit of each as life calls for a variety of clothing depending on the mission at hand.

EDC Everyday Clothing

What do you like to wear? The clothing that you choose regularly will be considered your EDC or everyday clothing. This type of clothing is as much about expression as it is about practicality.

Just because you are a prepper doesn’t mean that you need to throw out all your favorite clothes and start running multi-pocketed pants every day.

You should be able to move freely in your everyday carry and be able to move quickly and efficiently. Though you don’t need to look like an assassin, you should be able to run from an emergency.

Keep this in mind because many people dress in clothing every day that makes them a victim through lack of mobility!

Grey Man Wear

Have a collection of clothing that has no labels, no markings and is earth-toned, can be helpful. We have seen chaos in our streets, and we know that certain areas in our cities and neighborhoods where you need to watch your step.

Grey man wear can be used to assure that you don’t stand out. If you are filtering through a crowd with a navy-blue hoody on, hood up, you are likely to be overlooked by everyone.

The expressive clothing that you like to wear each day might get you in some trouble depending on what you like and how much political or religious affiliation your clothing expresses.

You will be surprised at just how invisible you can become with flat colored clothing, the right demeanor, and an understanding of where you are.

If you know the area and the people that surround you, you can easily become them and then disappear amongst them. In this age of civil unrest, it is important to know how to blend in.

Tactical Clothing

Many preppers and readiness minded individuals wear things like BDUs or other military-style clothing. Companies like 5.11 Tactical have also created clothes that look like everyday clothing but up close are lined with a myriad of pockets, loops, and hidden areas for things like wallets or even magazines.

The market for tactical clothing has grown and advanced so much over the last five years and has even created a vast range of tactical clothing for women. There are lots of companies out there pushing out durable gear focused on allowing you to carry things like firearms and first aid with comfort.

One word on BDUs would be that if you look like the guy who could be a problem or who could pose a threat it might make you a target.

If you are all decked out in camo gear with a tactical backpack on that is covered in morale patches, you pretty much play your hand for all to see. It is the opposite of the grey man tactics.

Ghillie Suit

The ghillie suit is an extreme piece of wartime clothing that is designed to make you nearly invisible in even light cover. This is because the suit has a tremendous amount of excess material hanging from it.

This excess material is designed to look like grass or moss or other ground covers. This allows you to blend in.

Ghillie Suit | Choosing the Right Survival Clothing

The ghillie suit was designed for things like recon and snipers. Having, or making, a ghillie suit is simple. It can be a bit monotonous as you tie on each individual piece of material. However, you could make your own in less than a day.

The ghillie suit is an extreme piece of survival clothing that would only be used in the most extreme situations. You would not call upon this suit for anything during a normal day or even survive a natural disaster.

These suits are built for warfare. They would also be a great tool for evasion.

Always Be Prepared

Survival clothing is not just about owning a certain kind of gear. Emergency and disaster come in many forms.

This depends on what you are facing you might call on any one of these categories of clothing. Each has its benefits and as long as you focus on function with your clothing it will perform.

One word of caution is that shopping for tactical clothing can begin to take over your life! It can get expensive and a little addicting if you aren’t careful.

Now, for most of us we can get a handle on it but don’t let the latest pair of tactical pants trump the purchase of another practical purchase that will help you get through the next few months.

What's your go-to survival clothing? You can share some suggestion with fellow readers in the comments section!

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