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Is Your State Prepared For The Rest Of 2020?



Is Your State Prepared For The Rest Of 2020?

Seven months into 2020, and we still see chaos and uncertainty. We have five months left in this year and surely, we're all wondering how the rest of 2020 will look like. Is your state prepared enough?

How Prepared Is Your State for the Rest of the Year?

It’s easy to put the pieces together and understand that the next five months are not going to be easy. Many people are getting overwhelmed by the idea that we could be facing a pandemic, economic crisis, defunding of the police in many cities, presidential election, and rising tensions with China!

Many in the survival and prepping community are saying that this is the BIG ONE. They mean the big collapse that we have all been preparing for. Could it all be shaking loose before 2021?

Even with all the bad that is in the news, it would take the perfect storm to collapse our great nation. To someone, like myself, who has been studying collapse for 10 years, there is a much more likely scenario that you should consider.

In fact, considering this scenario will make you much more effective.

State Level Collapse

While I don’t believe the nation will fall in 2020, I do believe there are a number of states that will not look anything like cities before the year ends. There might even be entire states that are totally melted down by the chaos.

Of course, you could easily put your money on a few places like Chicago, NYC, LA, and Portland. However, there are going to be pockets of chaos all over this nation.

State resources could be pushed to the limits with limited police intervention and taxpayers fleeing, I do believe we could see a serious state-level collapse.

Is Your State Prepared?

There are a few things you can consider when it comes to deciding if your city is one of the places that could fall to chaos.

We have a short checklist for you. Do with it what you will and if you find yourself checking too many boxes, there is still time to move!

1. Population Density

POPULATION DENSITY | How Prepared is your State for the Rest of 2020?

One of the biggest tells is whether or not your city has TOO MANY people. There is a point where the resources and the police numbers just don’t play out in the favor of the average law-abiding citizen. If you share your home with millions of people, it's going to be chaotic, soon.

2. Pandemic Response

What is the pandemic response looking like in your state? Do you feel like you are a struggling peasant among tyrants?

There are threats from COVID-19 and we should do our best to protect ourselves and those around us. However, there are places that will slip back into lockdown and that will affect things like local economies and even the education for the next generation!

3. Police

POLICE | Is Your State Prepared For The Rest Of 2020?

This one is straightforward. Are the cops going to be around in the fall? There are some places where the cops have become nearly useless already!

Legislation has been written to defund police all over this nation. It is a very scary proposition to have hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with a full understanding that the rule of law is fleeting.

4. 2A LAWS

When the police fail to answer your call, you will only have one option and that will be to become your own security force. It will be awfully hard to pull that off if you are not allowed to own firearms or are only allowed to own select firearms based on crazy gun control laws in your state.

Your right to bear arms is fundamental to how your state will survive the coming months. If the streets are full of angry protestors looking for equality of violence, they will only be more emboldened if they know the homeowners don’t have firearms.

5. Leadership

LEADERSHIP | How Prepared is your State for the Rest of 2020?

What does the state and local level leadership look like? I know, as preppers, we tend to act like we don’t need to pay attention to politics. Well, we need to pay attention to politics. All intelligence is good intelligence.

There are leaders who favor the chaos and those who are clear about the fact that they will not stop the chaos in the streets.

Preparation Is Key to Survival

We are living through a time in American history that none will forget. Unless, of course, the time to come is even worse.

We might find that these were the good old days! Hard times are coming but where you are and where you call home could affect how hard those times are.

We know our big cities are in for a rash of chaos during election season. Imagine what that could look like if rumors of election mismanagement were to start soon after the election. Imagine what will happen to the nation if millions of mail-in ballot go missing.

Now is the time to consider home base. It might be time to move or it might be time to fortify. Either way, you are running out of time.

If your state is not that prepared, what's your back-up plan? We'd like to hear from you in the comments section!

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