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Spartan Armor Armaply™ Extreme Lightweight Armor



Spartan Armor Armaply™ Extreme Lightweight Armor

When it Comes to Body Armor, Heavier Isn't Always Better

Spartan Armor Systems, a leading industry provider of body armor, has recently developed the lightest and most low profile body armor available for purchase and at an affordable cost. Spartan Armor Systems worked very closely with their metallurgist in order to develop an armor plate that would provide the wearer with the most comfort imaginable and as much versatility as possible, all while staying extremely lightweight. The result: The Spartan Armaply ATC Level III+ Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Body Armor.

Unlike many other body armor plates, the Armaply Body Armor is extremely lightweight and is shaped specifically to provide the wearer with a physical advantage while maneuvering a weapon, as well as providing protection to vitals such as heart, lungs, and arteries. The Spartan Armaply ATC Level III+ Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Body Armor features:

      • Signature Advanced Triple Curve (ATC) for comfort and reliability



    • Proven Multi-Hit capability



    • Threat rating against common rifle rounds such as 5.56, 7.72, .308



    • Extreme Lightweight: 10” x 12” Swimmers Cut weighs 6.7lbs



    • Most aggressive low profile covers important vitals heart, lungs, arteries



    • Specifically shaped Spartan Armor Trauma Pads for additional protection



The Target Man / Spartan Armor Systems

the target man and spartan armor systems The Target Man and Spartan Armor Systems have been working to decrease the unnecessary weight of common body armor while still maintaining armor integrity. In order to accomplish this feat, the art of metallurgy was closely studied to improve body armor durability for the sake of the operator. spartan armor 2 With hard work, a revolutionary steel core armor platform became manufactured exactly to Spartan Armor Systems specifications. Using chemical and physical properties at exact specifications, Spartan Armor Systems is able to produce exceptional forming properties using proprietary bending methods and tooling. A single, flowing bend radius is within the armor in order to preserve integrity of the plate. The result: a PATENT PENDING Advanced Triple Curve (ATC) Armaply Armor.

Improving on the same technology as other commonly found body armor, Spartan Armor Systems was able to field test their Armaply armor leading to proven multi-hit capabilities. Originally engineered to withstand common rifle rounds, the Spartan Armor Systems ATC Level III+ Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Armor holds up against 5.56×45 (M193) and 5.56×45 (M855 /SS109) at velocities of up to 3,000 feet per second (FPS). It can also withstand 7.62×39 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at velocities of up to 2,850 FPS. Not to mention the effectiveness of the plate and the physical integrity of the wearer are increased tenfold if Spartan Armor Trauma Pads are included.

Spartan Armor Systems Trauma Pads

Spartan Armor Systems Trauma Pads are designed to decrease blunt force trauma by decreasing back deformation and dispersing transferable energy upon impact  In other words, by including trauma pads with armor plates, risk of internal bleeding even when a rifle round is stopped by armor is decreased significantly. Not to mention trauma pads also provide the wearer with additional comfort from the padding placed directly behind the armor plates.

The Spartan Armor Systems Trauma Pads are made from Nylon Ripstop fabric, which also utilizes extremely slim and light non-Newtonian layers and padding which instantly harden upon impact. Energy transfer from an oncoming round will be felt regardless of which type of armor is being worn, despite fact that most armor is designed with energy dispersing properties throughout the strike face of the plate.

spartan body armor 3

However, Spartan Armor Systems Trauma Pads are uniquely designed to mitigate the energy transfer and possible back face deformation which the body might absorb if a trauma pad is not present.

Weighing in at just half a pound, the trauma pads are a much needed piece of body armor equipment. In addition, Spartan Armor Systems has uniquely designed a Trauma Pad to coincide with the unique shape of the ATC Level III+ Armaply Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Body Armor.

To see the armor in action, check out the video below:

Be sure to check out The Target Man and Spartan Armor Systems at their homepage and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for constant updates on armor capabilities, accessories, and sales.

Do you own a set of body armor? If you don't, you should consider investing in some — and the Spartan Armor Armaply Extreme Ligthweight Body Armor is a great choice. Click here to learn more about how body armor can save your life.





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