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Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow



Feature | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog

If you're on a prowl looking to bag a lot of quails, then these solid quail hunting tips are indeed very timely. Read on and find out the things every quail hunter needs to know on the hunting grounds!

Quail Hunting Tips for a Successful Season

Just like any other type of hunting activity, quail hunting offers its own collection of challenges. Every hunter has his own approach when it comes to bringing down these game birds. A hunter's confidence, which is a significant determinant of success, takes a battering when quail after quail flies away unscathed. So on that note, here's a list of quail hunting tips that will help you bag a large number of quails this season.


1. Hunt in an Open Land

Hunt in an Open Land | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog
Open fields are filled with different types of vegetation and weeds that indulge these quails. It is best to look for quails in these areas. Quails primarily eat seeds and insects from native vegetation. They also use these areas for nesting. These birds tend to avoid intensively maintained cropland and they prefer undisturbed dense grasses to dwell on.

2. Use a Shotgun

The most commonly used gun when hunting quails is a hunting shotgun with a 410 to 12 gauge and a 26-inch barrel length. Don't shoot smaller than a 6 shot because using a smaller ammo with quails doesn't quite do the job. Yes, they will fall from the sky, but they can immediately get back up and run away.

3. Bring a Dog

Bring a Dog | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog
If you want to go quail hunting, you need to bring a dog with you. They can easily detect a quail, even from a distance. Bringing more than one dog can make your quail hunting easier and more successful. Make sure your furry friend is a well-trained go-getter.
Yes, it might sound a lot of work raising a great hunting dog, but if you're a passionate hunter, you'll find time training your pups. Having a dog join you on your hunt makes it more enjoyable too!

4. Check the Weather

After a humid, wet string of days, the best quail hunts come into play. It can be very inconvenient, but the odds of success after a long stretch of rain will (most likely) shift in your favor. Drizzly spots are more productive than drier areas. And besides, that is one of the reasons why we have our good old reliable, waterproof boots.

5. Don't Shoot a Low-flying Quail

Don't Shoot a Low-flying Quail | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog
Never shoot a low-flying quail because it will drive you to drop your muzzle under a horizontal plane on the ground. This might result in an accident that might take the life of one of your dogs or accidentally hurting and inflicting injury on your hunting partner. Be a responsible hunter and fire smart. Never forget the importance of safety on any hunting trip.


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6. Hunt in Late Season

Some say the best time to hunt is in the early season when the birds are dumb and defenseless against hunters. But in my opinion, hunting late in the season offers you a better chance to bag more quails. It is simply because most hunters believe that quails are all shot out by that time, hence, less competition for you.

7. Know Their Routines

Know Their Routines | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog
More often than not, these quails fly out of the grass fields two hours after the sun rises and then come back in the late morning. Take some time to watch and learn about these quails, so you can get an idea of their daily activities. Once you are familiar with their everyday routine, it will be easier for you to catch them.

8. Look for Fresh Tracks

Look for fresh signs of quail tracks every time you're out on the field. The presence of old tracks, or the lack of tracks, is an apparent sign that there's no quail in the area. You will need to be more adventurous and try new spots. Discovering new hunting spots increases your chance to take down more quails.

9. Familiarize Yourself with the Hunting Area

Familiarize Yourself with the Hunting Area | Practical Quail Hunting Tips Every Hunter Should Follow | how to hunt quail without a dog
Familiarizing your hunting spot is absolutely advantageous. If you have better knowledge of the hunting area, it will be more convenient for you to find a large number of these birds. Quails are known as “edge” birds, which means they use field and border edges for nesting, feeding, and cover. If you know where to find them, there's no doubt you'll catch them.

10. Be Patient

Hunting is an activity that requires a lot of patience. It is a thinking man's game. You don't need to go blast every doggone bird you see. Keep your excitement and emotions in check. If you're missing some shots, keep your eyes on these birds and shoot them again. Focus and persistence will lead you to bag more quails.


Check out this video from Team Wild TV for more awesome and exciting quail hunting tips!

Quail hunting provides a different kind of thrill and fun compared to other forms of hunting. I am often amazed how these highly trained hunting dogs compete to see which one rats out the quails first. But we have to remember, safety should play a significant role in any hunting activity all the time. So before you shoot, make sure that the dogs and your fellow hunters are out of harm's way.

Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about these quail hunting tips by dropping your two cents in the comments below. 

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  2. Deb Pearl

    March 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM

    Thank you for all the quail hunting tips. My husband really wants to go quail hunting with his friends, but he has never gone before. I’m glad you mentioned to never shoot a low-flying quail. It wouldn’t be good to accidentally hurt someone. I will have to let him know.

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  5. Bob

    August 2, 2023 at 10:08 PM

    Worst AI article ever, made no sense

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